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Neill Blomkamp Reflects On His ‘Aliens’ Sequel That Almost Was

We *almost* got a better ending to Ellen Ripley’s story.

With his new venture Oats Studios officially launched and in motion, it’s pretty safe to say that Neill Blomkamp has moved on from the Aliens sequel he almost made. As for the fans of the franchise, well, it’s also pretty safe to say that they’ll be asking him about the unmade movie for a long time to come.

Blomkamp doesn’t have much more to say about the aborted project than what he’s already said, but a new chat Funhaus did reveal something pretty interesting. As it turns out, Blomkamp’s Alien film didn’t actually begin its life as a continuation of Ripley’s story, but rather as a new tale about a new character set in the wake of Aliens.

“I met Sigourney on Chappie and I had a different idea for an Alien film I wanted to make. So I had this idea for a story set in the world of those two first films that was not a continuation of James Cameron’s,” Blomkamp explained, digging into the genesis of the project. “It was just in the world of it and it had a totally different character that was the lead character. Because my assumption was that Sigourney would just never make another one. I told her about it on Chappie and she was like ‘No, no, no! I actually would make another one because I felt like Ripley’s story didn’t end correctly.’

He continued, “So I went back to Vancouver and while I was editing Chappie I started to think about what I would do with Sigourney as basically a sequel to James Cameron’s film. I spent about a year working on it with only Sigourney knowing and I hired one really awesome concept artist. We put together essentially a script and all the artwork and that’s what I went to 20th Century Fox with. They seemed really into it and Ridley [Scott] came on as producer and then it just unraveled.”

As for what exactly happened from there, Blomkamp strongly hinted at what we already know to be true: it was Ridley Scott who ultimately killed the film.

It’s very difficult to speak about on several levels because Ridley created Alien. It was something that inspired me deeply. I got into film because of it,” Blomkamp explained. “Everything that happened with my script and with the way the film collapsed – it’s hard to talk about it without it seeming like I’m bashing him which is like one of my idols to get into film. It’s a super strange psychological place but films go down in Hollywood all the time. That’s just essentially, I think, what happened and it sucks for me. It’s not that it sucks for Sigourney, it’s not going to make any difference to her, but I think she really did like the story because it allowed Ripley to… it really felt like a cool third film.”

For now, Blomkamp’s sequel is deader than dead. But I suppose you never know…



  • sliceanddice

    one can bit dream – but ill say this: district 9 is good. the rest, not so much. is this the man we wanted helming another alien movie?
    i still hold out for cronenberg in my dream reality

    • Frank Gambino

      chappie was a bit of a let down, but you didnt like Elysium?!

      • sliceanddice

        thought it was fine…

    • jacobcrim

      I was excited to see Neill have to make a film with restraint. Having to work in a box, I feel would be good for him as a director.

    • Mehliens

      I always thought that the Alienverse would best when it went art house (the first Alien and Alien 3 was bordering on it). Croneberg would kill it like no other but I fear he wouldn’t be interested and would rather do something original

      • sliceanddice

        this is all true.

      • Matt Miller

        Yes! Cronemberg would be great. Also maybe his son Brandon, Antiviral wasn’t a great movie but it had some disturbing ideas.

      • Beatnation

        Alien 3 -Assembly Cut- it’s a masterpiece.

        • Mehliens


  • pablitonizer

    I’d like to see a prequel to “Aliens”, how the corporation sent those terraforming colony to planet LV-426, what they encountered there and develop the story of Newt’s parents as the lead characters. No need to call it “Alien”, could be “Exomoon” as the planet’s category, or something related to Xenomorphs, that’d be really cool to me!

    • Darkknight2149

      lol, people can barely handle the prequels we have. “Prometheus” and “Covenant” didn’t even retcon anything, yet people say they did simply because it contradicted their assumptions.

    • Weresmurf

      We did. It was called Aliens Directors Cut. We saw them encounter the ship, we saw Newts father get facehugged. he went back, gut exploded, out came the burster, hilarity ensued.

  • DJV1985

    There is one thing I have and always will dream of and it’s that when directors/writers know a project isn’t going to happen like in this case and when they’ve said that a script/treatment/outline has been written I really do wish they would release the script/treatment/outline. I remember when someone asked Del Toro if he would given an outline of what he would have done with a final Hellboy film and he gave like a two sentence answer so why not?

    I mean if they know it’s never gonna happen why not give fans of theirs and the universe they hoped to add a film to, why not give us that script or whatever it is and then if the script is good enough who knows maybe a fan campaign could get it going.

    • John Connor

      That usually happens but a lot of times you never know if it could still happen or be used as an idea for another movie.

  • Darkknight2149

    Realistically speaking, this would have been just as divisive as the prequels.

    • Natebest

      How so? The prequel are hated by mostly everyone and the latest film bombed. Its time to end this franchise on a high note. Bloomklamp has a great vision of the future and he would have done an amazing job. District 9 is a classic. Elysium was ok and crappie was awful but I would take Bloomklamp over Ridley alien franchise abuser any day!

      • Darkknight2149

        “The prequel are hated by mostly everyone.”

        I disagree. They were both pretty divisive; there wasn’t any ‘universal’ scorn. Sure the haters are the most vocal, but that’s usually the case in general.

        “How so?”

        Because people were getting hyped from a virtual fan film, made by a director that doesn’t have the best track record. Even if the film ended up being decent (“decent” or “just good” being the most likely outcomes), it would fall victim to its own hype. Of course, this is just my analysis of it.

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        District 9 is a piece of shit too. Blomkamp is an uber pretentious hack. And replacing a hack with another hack isn’t a solution.

        • Mehliens

          District 9 was made by WETA and Peter Jackson FOR Blomkamp. And it still turned out to be a ridiculous B-Movie appealing only to the cinematic illiterate those that are easily impressed. Without Jackson and Weta I’m sure Blomkamp would have totally failed even at that like he did with his actual solo films.

      • Mehliens

        Rotten Tomatoes and Meta Score as well as Box office Mojo contradict what you say. Covenant wasn’t a very successful film (Prometheus actually was) but the critics were mostly in favour for it. Only butthurt ‘Blomkamp the hack amateur’ fanboys are salty.

  • disqus_k39rnaVe8B

    Blomkamp is overrated.

    • Matty Ice 2016

      So is Scott

      • disqus_k39rnaVe8B

        Scott is just senile.

  • Natebest


    That is all..

  • John Connor

    Maybe make it into a videogame.
    If the story is too short for the game (or even if its not), make the game her journey from the beginning of Alien, through Aliens, and ending with Blomkamp’s vision.

  • Jonny Angel

    Why is Ripley about to blow herself up in the photo above ?? Looks like she has an explosive vest on

  • David Rechichi

    I wish this movie would still happen. Ridely Scott isn’t the film maker he used to be and these prequels have been pretty mediocre. He’s way too focused on dragging things out and making this bigger world and doesn’t give two shots about good characters and story. I’d rather seen what Blomkamp can bring to the table now and really hope this project doesn’t stay dead.

  • Barry El Beardo

    Blomkamp is highly overated IMO. District 9 is his only decent film. He should stick to shorts as he doesn’t have what it takes to make full length films

    • Mehliens

      Even his shorts are nothing but derivative garbage.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    And instead we get more blah prequels.

    Seriously, I imagine Scott going into the studio like a toddler with shitty diapers and throwing a fit to get his way. He knew if this movie got made he could kiss all this prequel garbage goodbye. Yes, Chappie this, District 9 that…. who gives a shit. A proper Aliens sequel with the key cast members returning would’ve brought fans out in droves and lit a fire under this franchise again. Even if it was subpar compared to the first two, as it likely would’ve been, I’d much rather see that than The Adventures of David, the Asshole Droid.

    • Mehliens

      Nope. Still better than Camerons steroid pumped adventures of the jock club on a bug hunt, featuring pissed off blue collar mom. Alien 3 was the only true sequel to Alien. Sorry to burst your bubble of bad taste in film.

      • Graham Dalrymple

        Lol,i love how if someone enjoys a film u don’t u hit them with snide remarks about their bad taste lol hate to break it to you there champ but your opinion of aliens is in the minority

        • Mehliens

          So? I’m merely making a counterpoint to their argument. Stating that one thinks Covenant was shit while Aliens was great doesn’t make Aliens less of an abysmal film. What exactly is Aliens trying to tell us that makes it such a great film? Who are the interesting characters again? And please don’t give me Camerons brain dead ‘the Vietnam war’ bullshit. I mean wtf really?

      • Flu-Like Symptoms

        I can assure you my day will go on unaffected.

        • Mehliens

          …just like your fanboy obsessions will be irrelevant

          • Flu-Like Symptoms

            Obsession…… interest choice of words for the guy who trolls every comment section itching to assert his inferiority complex. Wipe your butthurt (and stay banned).

    • Matty Ice 2016
  • DS Ullery

    Personally, I enjoyed Alien 3. Honestly, I found the producers cut to be one of the best films in the entire franchise.

    Either way, I’m glad Blomkamp was shut down. He’s been riding the goodwill generated by the admittedly superb District 9 for a few years now, but his work since has been lackluster. I wasn’t at all sold that he was necessarily going to produce a good film.

    Ripley’s story may not have ended on a fan favorite note, but I thought it ended in a way that made sense. It bothered me that the plan was to just sort of “erase” it from canon.

    As to Blomkamp’s original concept of a different character in that same world, Ridley Scott made that film already. It was titled “Prometheus” and, yeah, I loved that movie as well.


      I’m also a fan of Alien 3 it brought it back to the horror and claustrophobia of the original . The only thing that kills me to this day is how 2 key characters from Aliens were just dispatched at the beginning of the film it still feels like I got cheated.

      • DS Ullery

        I’d be lying if I said that didn’t leave me with a sick feeling in my gut. I understand why they did it, but nihilism aside, that was a rough development.

        • GODFLESH

          I know Biehn was pissed being written out I thought that would have been a cool dynamic with Newt . If you haven’t seen the making of video of this I highly recommend it . I think Weaver wanted it to be her show so she influenced that decision.

      • Mehliens

        David Fincher removed two useless / annoying characters symbolically to show his contempt for Aliens and reset the Alienverse to the horror genre where it firmly belongs to. He did an outstanding job there.

  • With Covenant disappointing at the BO I have a feeling the prequel series is coming to an end (the film was meh IMO). Maybe Fox might actually give this film a chance as Weaver/Beihn aren’t getting any younger and the series only goodwill is towards the first two films.

  • Knut Lilium Redfield

    This is disappointing. But oh well, what happened happened.


    In all fairness I believe Dan O’Bannon created Alien he did write the screenplay sure it was tinkered with but give him some credit. I think what ever Blomkamp had done would have to been better that Scott’s Covenant an epic fail in my opinion.

    • DS Ullery

      Hey, are you the same Godflesh from Dread Central?

      • GODFLESH

        yep I get around like the town whore. You’re on there as well I guess. Yeah Dredd is my go to site I cheat a little on here ,slumming!

        • DS Ullery

          Actually, I was on there. Used to post as Cinemascribe for the longest time. I decided to move on earlier this year for a variety of reasons, not the least on which was their decision to boot kiddcappone. I know he could be an epic pain in the ass, but he didn’t deserve that. Then to have the douche who writes that God awful “Gasp Menagerie” column pop up and post “It is done” afterward as if it actually meant anything was a bit much. Mix that with some of the nasty garbage they didn’t ban people for posting ( all Kidd really did was criticize them) and I’d had enough. I like it better here. No one starts crap with me, I don’t start crap with people, and thus far everyone has been very welcoming.

          Edited to add: I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge I also followed John Squires here as a reader. I thought he was their best writer and when he came over to BD, I began frequenting this site more often.

          • GODFLESH

            Hey Scribe miss your input on Dredd one of the most knowledgeable contributors one of the pack of FIENDS. Yeah Dredd is something I always question their reviews I swear Creepy and Staci give the most generous reviews for what most consider shit films . I always call them out on it but whatever to each their own. I ‘m glad you’re doing good man if you Facebook hit me up .
            Dusty Adams

  • Mehliens

    Haha wait, its ok for someone to shit over the ‘prequel garbage’ while simultaneously glorifying Camerons totally dumb sequel garbage? It tells me that person has a very biased definition of what a bad film is in his arguments. If he would say: ‘Well, Aliens wasn’t really a smart film but at least enjoyable to ME in contrary to the waste of time that was Covenant…’ then I wouldn’t have a problem with that. But putting forward that only ‘a proper sequel’ to Aliens would mean (critical and financial) success is so ignorant and dumb it deserves to be put down with a counter measure. No it actually begs for it.

    • Flu-Like Symptoms

      Still waiting.

  • Instead we got the visually stunning but mediocre Covenant. High production values but paper thin characters and frankly not a single memorable set piece – maybe the med bay one but we do not know of care about these characters so there you have it. A summarization of every Ridley Scott film since Kingdom of Heaven (the dir’s cut is awesome).

  • Brian McNatt

    Is anyone else a little tired of Ridley Scott seeming to get all the credit for Alien? Like yes, he was its director and helped give it its look and feel, but the film would’ve been nothing without O’Bannon’s script. Something more than obvious when comparing it to the beautiful but hollow Alien: Covenant.

    Blomkamp’s short film series seems pretty well-received so far, from what I’ve read, so at least he’s moving on well enough.

    • I second this. Alien is not something that Scott should be credited as outright owning. He didn’t write it; he didn’t design it. Hell, look at some of the pre-Giger concept art, and it would have been a massive flop, playing in mid-night cult show re-runs throughout the 80’s and mostly forgotten about until one of the boutique labels dug it up for a limited blu ray release right now. Ridley Scott is not the film auteur that he seems to want everyone to believe he is. He has NO feature length writing credits on his resume, and he’s also directed some pretty shitty movies during his career. Yes, he’s also directed some wonderful work, but I think that demonstrates that he needs a collaborative effort to make a good film–he isn’t capable of carrying it all on his own, and he CERTAINLY didn’t do it with Alien.

  • Beatnation

    Get over it Blomhack, you and you unimaginative wet fan-fiction dream that would be Alien 3.2, GTFO.

    • Leo

      Ouch, someone here is salty. Feel free to surprise us with your own Oscar-winning Alien sequel, then 🙂

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