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Dave & Buster’s Has an ‘Alien: Covenant’ Arcade Game and Monster Drinks!

Let’s all get drunk and shoot aliens!

Ridley Scott’s polarizing Alien: Covenant (which I personally LOVED) is headed to Blu-ray on August 15, and American chain Dave & Buster’s is celebrating the home video release with a brand new arcade game that you won’t find anywhere else.

The new game is inspired by the movie, and it allows you to blast away Xenomorphs with a big ass space gun. Just like Ellen Ripley. Or… Danny McBride!

In addition to the exclusive new game, Dave & Buster’s has also rolled out a “Monster Isle” drink menu, which pairs pretty damn well with Alien: Covenant. The menu includes four different rum-based cocktails that come with sea monster glass decorations that you get to take home!

Drink monsters. Shoot monsters. Sounds like my kinda night.



  • Glenn Brown

    the only i would watch that movie ever again; would be with all 4 of those drinks!! then maybe just maybe; it would be watchable???

  • Leo

    Um, correct me if wrong, but that looks like Alien Armageddon, the latest coin munch… err oh so well balanced, fair and NOT blatantly cheating licensed game created by Raw Thrills using the Aliens license. So, nothing new, unless they crafted a special level or something.

    • Pubicle

      looks like it to me.

  • Jack Thompson

    Personally, I loved this film!

    I clapped when I saw it!

  • I definitely once did six shots in a row and then hipchecked someone’s child out of my way so I could play House of the Dead, so maybe I should skip the drinks.

    • Kristoffer Groves

      You have nothing to apologize for.

  • Chris

    I’m pretty certain this is just a re-skin of Alien Armageddon which has been around for awhile. Which would explain why we heard nothing about its development.

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