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Artist Creates a Line of Gruesome ‘Hellraiser’ Teddy Bears

So this is what teddy bears look like in Hell, huh?

We’ve profiled the work of artist Lee Howard a couple times in the recent past. Lee is the man behind Quiet Room Bears, which has been his playground for turning cute and cuddly teddy bears into grotesque monstrosities since 2001.

Recently, he created “one of a kind, individually numbered horror art bears” based on Stephen King’s IT and Black Christmas. Now, he’s turned his attention to Hellraiser.

Howard just unleashed SIX different Hellraiser Quiet Room Bears, inspired by specific characters and moments from the Clive Barker-created franchise. He of course gave Pinhead his own bear, and he also made one in the likeness of the Cenobite known as Chatterer. Making Barker proud, Howard skinned another bear almost completely.

Check out the full line below and buy them in Lee Howard’s Etsy shop.




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