Its 'Evil Dead' Vampire Style In J.C Vaughn's New Series 'Vampire PA' - Bloody Disgusting
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Its ‘Evil Dead’ Vampire Style In J.C Vaughn’s New Series ‘Vampire PA’



Is it just me or does this look like ‘The Evil Dead’ meets vampires? Details on the project thus far are pretty vague, and besides the promo shots we have gotten passed along it looks like they will stay that way until closer to the stories’ June release date. Beyond the break you’ll find a short synopsis for J.C Vaughn’s (“ZOMBIE-PROOF”) newest horror mini titled “VAMPIRE PA”, a bloodsucker comedy set in Pennsylvania.

ILLUSTRATED BY: Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim
COVERS BY: Mark Wheatley, Jacob Jordan

“From the writer of Zombie-Proof comes this trip to Western Pennsylvania’s oddly vampire-rich environment!

Vampires in suburbia? Dean Marklin didn’t think so. In fact, he didn’t believe in vampires at all. Then he met one. Then he met lots more, and they all wanted to kill him! Now he’s a vampire hunter, and he’s pursued by a beautiful vampire while he tries to hold onto what’s left of normal life. How do you think that’s working out for him?”

“VAMPIRE PA” Hits Stores This June! (MSRP-$3.99)


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