Man Publishes Comic Book About His Real Life Murder - Bloody Disgusting
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Man Publishes Comic Book About His Real Life Murder



Well there is nothing wrong with this guy at all. Youth Pastor for the Emmanuel Christian Center, Desmond Brown, has produced a comic book that portrays the murder of a man by his hands at the age of 17. A crime that he did 2 years for after pleading guilty. Read on for the full story.

The comic book “THE DAY I KILLED SOMEONE” is the real life account of Desmond Brown, then 17, of murdering 21 year old Christopher Barrell. Des Brown was involved with what London police at the time called a street fight (but it was later proven that Brown was part of gang relations) with Barrell who was walking his dog at the time of the attack. In the ensuing fight Brown ‘pulled out’ his knife and stabbed Barrell in the chest, killing him.

Brown claims that he carried the knife to show that he ‘was the intimidator and not the intimidated’ and that he did so to look cool, and still claims that Barrell was the one starting the fight and throwing the first punch. His claims are that Barrell began cursing and yelling at his friend before beating him, and that the stabbing was in self-defense. However, witness claims say that Brown and his friend antagonized the man and at one point even kicked his dog.

After pleading guilty to manslaughter Brown served 2 years in prison for the crime but was later released on probation.

Now Des works as a youth pastor for Emmanuel Christian Center where he teaches youths about the dangers of carrying a knife and gang violence. Brown is married with 4 children of his own and has continually shown interest in meeting the parents of Barrell to ‘let them vent’. The Barrells have passed on his offer citing that if he was truly reformed he would not still be claiming their son started the altercation.

The comic book ‘THE DAY I KILLED SOMEONE’ is the first person account of Brown that tells the story of the murder and his time in prison where he discovered his faith. The solicitation is used in his counseling and youth groups about the dangers of carrying knives.

Christopher Barrell was the young son of a police officer and a decorated soldier who had survived several tours of duty serving 6 years as part of the European military. He is survived by his parents and older brother who now raise money for several charities in his honor.

If you ask me this guy is just a little not well in the head. I’m not sure how the law works in the UK, but over here this guy would have never made it off on probation for killing the son of a police officer much less a soldier. Whatever the case it seems odd that if there were reports from witnesses conflicting with his story then it would seem like an open and shut murder to me, and even if you got off the hook for it I can’t see how you would be able to get work as a youth pastor. What say you?


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