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Prototype #1 Review : A Journey Into Comic Adaptation Mediocrity

This week Wildstorm Comics released a comic adaptation of the upcoming videogame, Prototype. In the video game you play a guy named Alex who wakes up in a morgue with amensia and a bevvy of super powers and has to figure out everything out. The plot in the game is definitely not it’s strong suit but even that weak plot is ‘Godfather’ quality compared to the comic. Full review after the break…
Prototype1 Prototype2
The story starts with a squad of soldiers in Vietnam who are clearing out a town of civilians with extreme force, after this bloody display it shows a pair of detectives in present day New York investigating gruesome murders, and then finally it shows the same squad from Vietnam in Idaho cleansing a town of infected. If this seems like the story does not make sense, you would be right. It is all over the place and I imagine the writer tried to make this lack of plot confusing and scary to the reader but all it did to me was want to put it down.

The most frustrating thing to me was the dialogue between the characters, it seemed like someone watched too many movies. All the Vietnam soldiers are awful people and one even talks of raping underage captured girls, one detective is an Irish Catholic that still goes to church even after all the depravity he sees on the beat and then there is his Latin partner that had the predictable falling out with the church.

In no way can I recommend this book to anyone. Most of the time I give video game comic adaptations a slight break when I review things, but after the amazing adaptation of Dead Space, I can no longer do that. This comic rivals the abysmal and cult favorite Doom comic from Marvel. I hope they somehow fix this comic in the next coming issues, but by that time I doubt anyone will be reading it.



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