Hostel: Part III (V) - Bloody Disgusting!

Hostel: Part III (V)

After two pretty great Hostel films from horror icon Eli Roth, it’s a bit saddening to see the franchise dive (basically) straight to video without even a second of hesitation. It was such a swift and quiet production that it was almost concerning. What would Sony do with this Scott Spiegel-directed sequel? It sounds as if they are rolling the dice on a fall release…

Without any involvement by creator Eli Roth, my expectations were so low that hitting the “play button” was like lifting a 500 pounds rock. Yet, without even thinking twice, the end credits were crawling across my screen. While not a home run, Hostel: Part III is quite ambitious, loaded with unique twists and turns that will engage you until the very last frame.

The new sequel flips the scenario by taking the fish-out-of-water gorefest to home turf. A group of bachelors hit Las Vegas for a sexy time before one of their buds gets married. In the land of sin, it doesn’t take much to get these guys alone, and soon part of the big show. You see, the new Hostel makes an evolutionary leap as not only can you pay to kill a human being, but now you can join an elite group of members in some high stakes betting. Maybe you want to guess how the victim will be killed? Or maybe you just want to bet on how the victim pleads for his life. It’s an enthralling and unique spin that takes the franchise to a new level.

And while the first kill sets the tone beautifully, two of the following death scenes were less than acceptable. Budget constraints? Your guess is as good as mine. Still, the action picks up and an exciting third act brings all the twists and turns together. While poor decisions are trickled throughout, overall the Spiegel and company have delivered an acceptable entry into the Hostel collection.

Other than some direct-to-video acting, budgetary constraints, and a few lackluster kills, Hostel: Part 3 stands on its own. It’s that perfect late night, last minute decision of a film that will entertain you and your friends as you down Taco Bell and gallons of Mountain Dew.

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  • AllanaDoe

    This movie was such a let down. I love the Hostel Franchise but it isn’t the same without Eli Roth. I wish I could get back the last hour and a half of my life.