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You’re Next!

“This is violent horror by guys who know what they love and dreamed up everything they ever imagined…It’s got all the visceral thrills of the classics but doesn’t get dark about it.”

*Editor’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the co-founders of Bloody Disgusting are working on a new project with the writer and director. Brad Miska also associate produced their previous A Horrible Way to Die.

Read Brad McHargue’s review.

You’re Next is totally F’ing awesome. It’s like the finale of Straw Dogs as an entire movie. The siege lasts the entire movie and the heroes have brilliant ways to fight back.

It’s a good old fashioned trapped in a house with creative implements of murder movie. A dysfunctional family gets assaulted at their remote mansion and defend themselves while aggravating their issues. They make the A-hole suffer the most, because we love torturing douchebags.

This is violent horror by guys who know what they love and dreamed up everything they ever imagined. What they love about horror is exploring all the possibilities of a contained situation, then getting creative in every possible way to exploit those limitations.

There are really some kills I’ve never seen before. The dining room attack itself is simply inventive. The killers are viciously creative but the heroes’ kills make you cheer. There’s one killer you want to fall for a certain trap so badly, yet the filmmakers came up with an even better payoff.

The characters are smart and strategic so it hurts more when they still get killed. It makes you cheer for the hero. Sharni Vinson is truly badass. I would say female Bruce Campbell but she doesn’t even take the beating Ash does. Female John McClane, that’s what she is. A compassionate character in real life, but she’s the one you want protecting you in a violent situation. I want to team her up with Molly Dunsworth for a buddy action movie.

I do wish director Adam Wingard would lay off the shaky cam because he doesn’t need it. All the chaos and tension are already inherent in the situation he and screenwriter Simon Barrett crafted. The still moments and slow motion scenes are so effective, they don’t need to telegraph it. It’s more deliberate than A Horrible Way to Die certainly, totally watchable. They haven’t gone all Paul Greengrass.

You really don’t know when or where something’s going to happen, and the filmmakers love to surprise you or tease you. Another good comparison would be original Texas Chainsaw Massacre but more fun in spirit. It’s got all the visceral thrills of the classics but doesn’t get dark about it. Bravo to Wingard and Barrett. The boys done good.



  • ChelseaGoneAwry

    I’m glad I keep hearing great reviews for this movie. I was really excited to see it after I looked at the stills here on the site, even though too many home invasion thrillers are either way over done (Last House on the Left) or they don’t deliver the gore like they promised (Straw Dogs). I’m super pumped to see You’re Next and find out if it lives up to the hype – I really hope it does!

  • dirtyghettok

    I don’t know about great reviews. I read in the National Enquirer that some nazi gay hookers ruin it. Though it does sound like a good idea.

  • WILL-.-SON

    I had the fortune of seeing this tonight in my lil town of boone , nc.
    i must say i found this the most rewarding movie going exp. in awhile.
    me and my family are very close , most of us are from las vegas , NV and oxnard , CA … but i laugh cause alot of points touched in this movie seem very real without being too far fetched… as close as we are we are on the verge of killing each other at times…
    winegard and company ….these guys can nail anything so…….lets see em do a shark movie……FUCK YEAH!!!

  • twisted

    I waited 2 years to see this crap? There are so many things wrong with this movie. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!
    1. The family was cliche and ridiculous.
    2. No one reacts realistically to the circumstance. There would be no calming down, there would only be frantic chaos. You damn sure wouldn’t investigate the sound under the bed.
    3. The only scares were jump scares that quickly wore out their welcome. There was no tension or suspense. The majority of the time you could predict what was coming before it happened.
    4. Everything happened to be way too convenient. The wire just so happened to be conveniently placed at the right height to cut the girl’s throat. The hero just so happens to have been raised in a survivalist camp…in the outback.
    5. The motive was weak in comparison to killers killing for no apparent reason.
    6. If the goal is to knock off all the family but leave a witness,then bust open the door, shoot everyone and be done with it.
    7. One of the killers tips his head to the side and looks at his kill ala Michael Myers. Rather than tribute, it feels like cheap mimicry.
    8. “Fuck me next to your dead mom” just because I look moderately goth.
    9. The final scene was so predictable and lame.

    I could not be more disappointed. I don’t know why this received rave reviews. If this is the future of horror, I’ll stick with the classics. What a f’n let down.

    • divisionbell

      The final scene was by far the biggest issue for me. It just felt so needless and as if the director just couldn’t help but end on a joke. That and the blender were tough sells, but the rest of the movie was pretty damn well done. Especially for this crew. By far their best made film to date.

  • Jomaps

    I wouldn’t go as far as Twister up here, but it’s true that was a bit of a letdown compared to the massive buzz it created.
    This is an OK slasher movie, but no a groundbreaking thing that rewrites the rule of the game as I read it somewhere.
    Agreed that some behaviours/reactions of some of the characters are totally stupid and unbelievable. (ex: one of the characters get killed and the others come in the room not five seconds after her scream, and the killer had the time to write a beautiful “you’re next” on the wall with her blood…).
    I get that characters in horror movie have to behave in a way that make the movie happening, but this pushes it too far.
    There are a couple of decent kills, and the main character is quite bad ass, but overall it’s just OK.
    It’s good to see horror movies getting a bit of mainstream exposition (after the conjuring), but it does not mean those are good horror movies…
    Last 2 things, stop with the shaky camera already, and ffs, everyone knows you can’t see shit with a plastic animal mask on your face, so I wonder how those guys could aim a crossbow…just saying…

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    UGH! Everything everyone else said, PLUS- terrible acting! I mean, just God awful, SyFy original movie acting, and the script, too. I agree the “fuck me next to your dead mom” line was super dumb, and the dinner fight was so weak and manufactured that it was almost embarassing to watch. The actors try so hard to act “real” that they end up going in the complete opposite direction.
    And wait- was that Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci in animal masks? The obvious nods to Home Alone would be less ridiculous if they had acknowledged themselves, like if it was playing in the background or someone had mentioned it or something.
    Some cool kills, some frightening imagery, and one Hell of a cool marketing campaign, but definitely not worth sitting through. The poor acting and script are really distracting.

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