[BD Review] ‘The Bunny Game’ Doesn’t Play Nice

  • flesheater24

    Good I can’t wait :) I’ve been dying to see this for quite some time :) can’t be more fucked then a serbian film. That film defeats all. That movie, Salo, Chaos, The divide. The Day After. The holy mountain, I love disturbing films :)

    • Nodnarb

      I’m kinda surprised it was rated so low. I mean, it’s a filthy film, but that’s the point. Not nearly as good as A Serbian Film though. Not even close.

  • markajacoby

    What an utterly worthless piece of crap. How overhyped can you get? It was slow. It was annoying. Hell the only one who was emotionally pushed to the limits was me watching this useless film. There was no suspense. There was no tightening in the gut. Hell, there wasn’t that much realistic violence. It’s another fine example of too much talk about a stupid film can make it seem like a great film. The only reason this is dangerous filmmaking is because we are so stupid to buy into the hype. SKIP IT AT ALL COSTS!!!

  • Michael_M

    This review echoes my feelings about the film. You saved me from listening to the audio commentary. The information you provide is unfortunately troubling for the wrong reasons.

    There are a couple of errors here.

    “No motivation or reason is ever given for Hog’s masochism.”
    A masochist is someone who enjoys pain. That is not a description of Hog’s character. Someone who inflicts pain enjoys sadism.

    “Conversely, Getsic is the indescript victim.” Indescript is not a word. You meant to say nondescript.

  • Michael_M

    Forgot to mention that Bloody Disgusting is included in the thank yous at the end of the film. It would have been interesting if this review had explained how BD was involved.