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[BD Review] ‘Bad Meat’ is Rotten

Bad Meat is just bad. The 2011 movie was originally supposed to be directed by Rob Schmidt (Wrong Turn) back when it was announced in 2007. Then, in 2008, production was halted with the movie about 75% done. After the actors in the movie had received some credibility for their TV roles, the movie resumed production and was finished. Schmidt then pulled an Alan Smithee and slapped the name Lulu Jarmen on the film.

If you actually attempt to watch Bad Meat, you’ll see exactly why.

A group of troubled teens are sent to a boot camp of sorts. However, those running the camp are ridiculous, badly written caricatures – which could work in the right set up. These counselors, however, just make little sense. They’re porking each other left and right, yelling and harassing the kids and there really is no point for anything they do. Speaking of pork, the cook at the camp ends up making a stew with whatever Jeffrey Corbin may have guessed was for dinner (Meatballs reference, folks) and this infected meat of sorts ends up turning the counselors into crazed cannibals.

The story is full of plot holes. It seems as though there may have once been a logical thought behind it, but it must have been lost in the years this film was in limbo. In the end it really has few, if any, redeeming qualities. I could make a list everything wrong with the movie, like how are these people even allowed to be in charge of kids? But really, the time and effort to do so is not worth it.

That being said, if you are into Troma type films, where there is tons of puke and gore, this movie may be up your alley. There are scenes of a camp counselor played by Mark Pellegrino where he is doused in his own spew. There is a scene where one of the ferocious dogs that has eaten the tainted meat is dissected. If you could care less about a story and just want to be grossed out, Bad Meat will deliver. Sort of.

The characters are under developed and unlikeable. The storyline is pointless. The movie just abruptly ends without explanation. Bad Meat is just bad; avoid it at all costs.



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