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‘Outlast: Whistleblower’ Review: Run Like Hell

Red Barrels’ Outlast was a pleasant surprise. It’s a simple game, both in terms of its design and its mechanics — you explore, you hide when you’re being hunted, and you run when you’re found. It’s not complex, but when you add in the stellar sound design, gorgeous environments, and the terrifying enemies that call them home, you have yourself a memorable horror game.

Outlast: Whistleblower arrived today on PC and PS4. Find out how it stacks up to Outlast in my review.



  • Gregory Miller

    Adam! Next time don’t take so many Xanax before you do your review. I like you better when you’re screaming ‘FOLIAGE”!

    • Adam Dodd

      Ick, I’ve had Xanax, once, and it knocked me out for about 12 hours. NEVER AGAIN!

  • Cannot wait to play this! It is going to be good and scary stuff!

  • Pav

    Yess, more blood, more guts, more disembowelement!!!

    • Adam Dodd

      And lots of Necrophilia, don’t forget the Necrophilia!

      • Pav

        delicious 🙂

  • Austin Carroll Brinkman

    You should definitely do a play through!

  • Benjamin Priest

    Any luck this will come out on Mac?

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