[Ghosts Of Gaming Past] A Review Of 'Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare'

Written by Kevin Kennedy, @thekevmiester

Seven years after the genre defining original trilogy was released, 2001 saw Alone in the Dark get the reboot treatment withAlone in the Dark: The New Nightmare. While the games share little to no connection with the original trilogy in terms of continuity, it still has the same penchant for puzzles and plenty of monsters, all wrapped up in a Loveraftian bow, though now with a more modern setting. How does it compare to the originals?


[Ghosts Of Gaming Past] A Review Of 'Alone in the Dark'

Written by Kevin Kennedy, @thekevmiester

When Alone in the Dark came out back in 1992, it left an impact upon gaming that is still felt to this day. Without this game, there’d be no Resident Evil as Shinji Mikami said he freely took gameplay ideas from the genre defining game. While we can all appreciate the impact it has left on the industry, it is as undeniable fact that games age quite quickly, a simple look at the game’s graphics can tell you that. How does the game hold up after all this time?


This Generation's 10 Most Disappointing Horror Games!

In preparation of the impending arrival of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, over the last week I’ve rounded up this generation’s best horror games, covering everything from AAA blockbusters to smaller, indie efforts. Those games deserve to be played, celebrated and remembered. The following? Not so much.

Unfortunately, while I wish every game could be worthy of our time, sometimes, for a variety of reasons, a game comes along that really, really isn’t. Every so often we’re given a game that’s uninspired, poorly designed, boring or some combination of the three.

If you’ve been burned, head on for this generation’s 10 most disappointing horror games to see if the game made the list!


[Dead Days Of Summer] 'Alone In The Dark' Series Giveaway!

Welcome to the Dead Days of Summer, where we try our best to give you something to play/read during the dreaded summer video game drought. Because who goes outside anymore?

Our annual Dead Days of Summer series is back, and I dare say what I have planned for you is no less than a million times more exciting than last year’s event. I say this because this year, we’re giving away free horror games. That’s right — we’re giving away five horror games every day for the next seven days, courtesy of the fine folks at If my math is right, that’s like, 700,000 codes, but then I’ve always been bad at math.

Today, we’re kicking things off by giving away the first four Alone in the Dark games. Details after the break.


[Ghosts Of Gaming Past] A Review Of 'Alone In The Dark'

Welcome to Ghosts of Gaming Past — here we’ll be reviewing older horror games, classics and non-classics we missed when they were originally released. Have a game you’d like reviewed? Send us an email.

Written by Ally Doig, @allydoig

The original Alone in the Dark predated the emergence of survival horror. While Resident Evil rightly takes the credit for popularizing the genre later that same decade, it owes much to the likes of Infogrames’ ambitious 3D title. Its influence, though arguably understated, still earned it its own page in the history books. Sixteen years later and unfortunately that dusty old page now seems like the best place for a series that failed to properly build on its own foundations.


Can You Name Every Horror Game In These Minimalist Posters?

I want to play a game. (read that in Jigsaw’s voice)

I have a bunch of minimalist horror game posters waiting for you after the break. What I’d like you to do is try and name every game in these posters just by looking at the gallery. Don’t click on any of the images, because doing that will expand them, revealing the full poster and the title of the game. This game is crazy easy to cheat on, but I trust you. So name as many games as you can in the comments below — Bloody Disgusting has spies everywhere, so I’ll know when you cheat — and HAVE FUN!


6 MORE Games And The Studios That Should Make Them!

A couple months back I listed a few horror games and the studios I’d like to see make them. A Silent Hill by DmC developer Ninja Theory? Yes, please. Resident Evil made by the studio behind Uncharted and The Last of Us? Don’t tell me that doesn’t get your nether regions aflutter with the possibilities.

Well, now I have even more horror games and the developers I’d like to see pick them up. Check out my picks after the break, and feel free to agree/disagree/offer your own pairings in the comments.


6 Horror Games And The Studios That Should Make Them!

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can bring new and interesting perspectives. When you look at the same thing for so long, it can get difficult to see its flaws, and while this can be said for many things, it’s especially true for video games. Getting a fresh perspective can be a great way to make sure a series stays engaging, to keep it from becoming stale and predictable. Franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill have each had games developed by studios other than the one that created them, and while the results have been a mixed bag, some of these partnerships have led to incredible games.

With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of six game developers that I think are universally great and matched them with a horror franchise I feel they could make an incredible game for. Check out my picks after the break, and feel free to comment with your own dream matches!

Alone In The Dark Creator Wants An HD Remake

Released in 1992, Alone in the Dark is notable for being one of the original survival horror games, before Resident Evil coined the term in 1996. The most recent game failed to reboot the series, despite some neat ideas like an on-person inventory, real-time damage, and some of the best fire effects ever. At a GDC postmortem, series creator Frédérick Raynal expressed interest in an HD remake, saying “I would love an HD remake one day and I hope it will happen, one day.” I hope it’ll happen too. It’s been too long since we’ve had a new Alone in the Dark.

1 Alone In The Dark Creator Wants An HD Remake

There really isn’t a reason the series shouldn’t get remade, especially since that seems to be the popular trend with older video games these days, including Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry later this year. Now’s a pretty great time for something like this to happen, since this year marks the series’ 20th anniversary. So get on it, Atari. READ MORE

The Best Horror Game Of 2008, Voted By You!

Though it may be cliche’ to say, “well oh gee, I never though 2008 would be as good as 2007 for horror games” bla bla bla, well it was. Yes last year BioShock demolished the competition, but with the amount of epically amazing games this year, I think the race will be a little less 1 sided.

bestgame2008 The Best Horror Game Of  2008, Voted By You!

Last year there was a little “confusion” on what a “horror” game entails. Well, the games on this list are that that would reflect anything horror, sci-fi, bloody and or disgusting, gorey, thrillerish, creepy, aliens, ghosts, zombies, vampires, plain old really weird stuff, stuff that is outside of “normal”, there are no Marios in this list, no Call Of Dutys, these are the games people cringe at. The games some people are too scared to play. The games parents don’t want their kids playing. The games that we love here on BD.

Head past the break to see the games in the running! READ MORE


Alone in the Dark

Edward Carnby (Christian Slater) is a private investigator specializing in
unexplainable supernatural phenomena. His cases delve into the dark corners of the world, searching for truth in the occult remnants of ancient civilizations. Now, the greatest mystery of his past is about to become the most dangerous case he has ever faced. With the help of his ex-flame, archeologist Aline Cedrac (Tara Reid), and his bitter rival, government agent Richard Burke (Stephen Dorff), Edward Carnby is about to learn that just because you don¹t believe in something, that doesnt mean it cant kill you. ALONE IN THE DARK is based on the best-selling Atari videogame series.