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First Look at Evan Peters as Andy Warhol in “American Horror Story: Cult”

Evan Peters is making “American Horror Story: Cult” watchable with his incredible performance as Kai, a blue-haired maniac who’s using post-Election fears to rise up as a Charles Manson-like cult leader.

Later in the season, as we recently told you, Peters will also be portraying real-life cult leaders such as Charles Manson, David Koresh and Jim Jones.

Additionally, Peters will at some point throughout the course of “Cult” be playing Andy Warhol, with Lena Dunham guest-starring as Valerie Solanas, the radical feminist who attempted to kill Warhol in the late ’60s.

Over on his Instagram account today, “AHS” creator Ryan Murphy provided us with our first look at Peters as Warhol, and they damn sure nailed the look!

“American Horror Story: Cult” airs Tuesday nights on FX.

Evan Peters or Andy Warhol?

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  • Bart Crowe

    This season of American Horror Story has been hilarious.

  • Papa_spoosh

    I keep seeing these great reviews of this season and I seriously can’t believe it. It’s so poorly written. I don’t think I’ve quit on a season this early but it’s just a headache to roll my eyes so much. They leave the kid alone when there’s a murderer in the neighborhood every episode?

    • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

      hotel lasted exactly 2 episodes for me.

      • Bart Crowe

        You don’t watch American Horror Story because it’s good. There are good parts in the series like any season with Jessica Lange and the gore effects aren’t bad but for the most part it is a campy mess. The enjoyment you get out of American Horror Story is the same you get out of any cheesy horror movie. That said I think the first two seasons are genuinely good but after that it becomes really silly and off the walls bonkers like Ryan Murphy’s first FX show Nip/Tuck.

        • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

          no i really liked the other seasons, i was just pointing out that not all of this show is going to appeal to everybody that liked the rest of them.

          i agree with your final sentence.

  • Mr. Red Right Hand

    this season is terrible. it’s not scary. sarah paulson is really annoying. it’s just liberal bullshit. clowns are done. the purge has been done. ryan never knows how to keep a show going for an extended period.

  • I’d near enough written it off until the last 2 episodes pulled it back a bit. The first few were so confusing and busy and made 0 sense so at least they’re making some sense of it all now.

    My main issues are Sarah Paulson’s pathetic character and Adina Porter’s forced acting. Both really grate on me

  • Maxime C

    Am I the only pone to enjoy this season so far?
    Yes…we’re far from Murderhouse or Asylum, but it’s way more watchable than Hostel or Freakshow at this point of the season.

    The latest episode began to make sense of all of this crap and I have good hopes for what’s coming next.

    I’m a very positive person.

    • Necro

      Nope you’re not alone Maxime, I’m thoroughly impressed thus far.

      • Maxime C

        Thanks Necro.

  • john clarke

    It’s been very entertaining this season. Seems very satirical of both political sides. It’s not up there with the first 4 seasons but whatever.


    This season is better than that Raonoke crap. That was so disappointing…

  • Dan

    The 1st three episodes have severely sucked, like horribly. I almost gave up but I’ve heard more than one person say episodes 4 & 5 make up for the complete suckfest. Still haven’t watched them yet, but I have not erased them from my DVR, so we’ll see……

    • Hayden Koutras

      4 was amazing, yet to see 5.

  • Youri Gavrilov

    I gave this show a chance with three seasons (the third was the best – at least they tried to make fun of it’s stupedity).
    When season four came out – I gave up.

    Ryan Murphy is a great producer and promoter, but as a writer – not so much.

    • Travis_Bickle

      Stupidity? Ironic misspelling that when pointing out other peoples faults.

  • Such a great show , I really enjoy Murphy’s work ♥

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