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Netflix Gives Steve Harrington His Own “The Babysitter” Spoof Poster

Just act like you don’t care.

“Stranger Things” character Steve Harrington may have been a jerk when we first met him, but he fully redeems himself as one of the show’s most likable characters in Season 2. In particular, the episode where Steve “babysits” Dustin, giving him advice on women and how to have super cool hair, made him an instant fan favorite.

Inspired by that episode, Netflix’s marketing team has just made a spoof poster of their own original horror-comedy, The Babysitter, re-casting Steve in the title role!

If you haven’t yet checked it out, The Babysitter is now available for streaming.



  • This is great! Everything about Stranger Things is great!

  • bhunt

    I would watch that, the real babysitter movie is awesome, but I would definitely watch it with Steve and dustin

  • Bobby Jones

    in both seasons, i assumed Steve would die. my theory is that Steve will die in whatever season he wins a fist fight.

    • Tony Harley

      With how much everyone loves him this season he’ll sure be the next one to die in season 3 🙁 wish it would be Jonathan instead

    • JoeInTheBox

      I have a feeling Steve’s story arc ends with him sacrificing himself to save the kids or Nancy, or both.

  • Travis_Bickle

    Looks better then the actual Babysitter movie, which doesn’t say much.

  • biff


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