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Gillian Anderson Just Hand Picked Her 6 Favorite “X-Files” Episodes

Oh and by the way, Gillian Anderson is finally getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, January 8th, two years after David Duchovny received his!

With “The X-Files” returning for its eleventh season on January 3, now is a great time to binge-watch the previous ten seasons. According to our calculations, 208 episodes of the show have thus far aired between the premiere in 1993 and the finale of Season 10 in 2016; in other words, you’d better get a move on that marathon!

If you’d rather just revisit your favorite episodes than ALL of them, that’s a good idea too. But which are your faves? Better yet, which are Gillian Anderson’s?!

Just last night, the official “X-Files” Twitter account did something pretty cool: they live-streamed six episodes from the show’s past, that list curated by Anderson herself. The live-stream is long over at the time of writing this post, but if you’re wondering which episode’s Anderson hand-selected to play during the binge, we’ve got that info for ya.

For starters, Anderson’s favorite episode is “Bad Blood,” part of Season 5.

Here’s the full list:

  • 1) “Ice” – Season 1, Episode 8
  • 2) “Humbug” – Season 2, Episode 20
  • 3) “Jose Chung’s from Outer Space” – Season 3, Episode 20
  • 4) “The Post-Modern Prometheus” – Season 5, Episode 5
  • 5) “Bad Blood” – Season 5, Episode 12
  • 6) “Triangle” – Season 6, Episode 3

What are you waiting for? Get to binging!



  • Some good episodes right there

  • mark long

    Bad Blood is my favorite episode. Just seemed like they were having a blast filming it.

    • john

      I’ve probably seen it more than any other episode of the series.

      Remember watching it the first time and seeing, “Oh, sh–”

      Knew we were in for something special.

  • James Rigney

    Ice was a rip off of The Thing without any changes at all besides having some females join the cast lol but none the less it’s still one of my fav episodes since it’s like a shorter version of The Thing which also happens to be one of my fav movies but it also has Mulder and Scully so what more could u ask for?

  • Kyle Cole

    The episode Home with the 3 deformed brothers and their mother was by far the craziest!

    • Necro

      They have so many episodes that were left unfinished it’s sickening! They could’ve had this season eleven be nothing but follow-ups to those episodes left unconcluded in my opinion! ‘Home’ being #1 on that list by the way, you know where are the ‘Peacocks’ now? If you remember at the end *SPOILER* the mother and oldest son got away. Here’s a few more Kyle that are favorites of mine and/but should’ve got concluded like the ‘Tooms’ and ‘Irresistible’ episodes did later on WARNING KYLE *SPOILERS* AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THESE:

      – ‘Detour’ (the invisible monsters in Florida from season 5 there were one or two still alive)
      – ‘The Host’ (the giant flukeworm was still alive from season 2)
      – ‘Folie A’ Deux’ (the insect that “hides in the light” from season 5 got away and is still hiding)
      – ‘Chinga’ (the episode penned by Stephen King from yet again season 5 about the possessed doll found itself a new owner at the end)
      – ‘Home’ (the inbred ‘Peacock’ family from season 4, well what was left of them, got away and……..)
      – ‘Fire’ (‘Cecil Lively’ from season 1 who could control fire was still alive and healing very nicely, played fantastically by Mark A. Sheppard by the way)
      – ‘Sanguinarium’ (the satanic plastic surgeon from season 4 slipped through ‘Mulder and Scully’s’ grasp and moved on undoubtedly to another facility to a batch of new victims)

      Lastly I know sometimes things are best left the way they are and it’s best not knowing and leaving things to our imagination. Also there are a handful of other episodes that I didn’t mention for this list as well.

  • Necro

    ‘Ice’ is by far the best episode on her list, I mean I like the other ones but I prefer better episodes than that! IMO of course!

  • Munchie Strikes Back

    Post Modern Prometheus is my personal fave episode. Just perfection on every level.

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