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‘Dracula Untold’ Trailer Reveals a Revenge Story

Dracula Untold

It’s back, and there’s imagery as well!

Originally Dracula: Year Zero, Universal Pictures has given Bloody the official first trailer and stills for Dracula Untold, the Gary Shore-directed version of Bram Stoker’s novella, in theaters October 17, 2014. The trailer reveals a revenge story, where Luke Evans makes a deal with the Devil and uses the dark forces to battle even darker forces.

Starring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Zach McGowan, Samantha Barks, Thor Kristjansson and Art Parkinson, the film was shot in Belfast last year.

In the film, “Luke Evans is starring as the most famous of vampires in an origin story that sees a Transylvanian prince risk eternal damnation in order to save his wife and son from a Turkish horde. Barks will play a figure in Eastern European folk tales known as a baba yaga, a beautiful young woman who turns into a savage witch. Kristjansson will play Bright Eyes, an Eastern European taken as a slave as a young boy and now a vicious assassin in the Ottoman Army. Parkinson will play Dracula’s son, named Ingeras.



  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    It’s been a while since I’ve read Dracula, but I don’t recall it being small enough to call a novella.

  • Cappy Tally

    It’s not a version of Stoker’s NOVEL. It’s a sort of prequel, probably setting up a Universal Monster Universe. Because you know they’re considering that.

    • cagonker

      True, since universal if going back to its monster movie roots.

  • CG-enhanced version in the vein of the nice Twilight Vampires.

  • Darkness69

    I like the batwings – other than that, I sure hope they have at least some respect to the novel and the vampire mythology in general. Still, nothing can get past Bram Stoker’s Dracula in my opinion – man, that movie had everything! Definitely my favourite movie!

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Does anyone have any issues with whatever built in video player BD use ever since the site upgrade? It never works on any browser for me. Chome, Firefox and Opera all updated, flash player etc updated, no dice.

  • Is that Charles Dance as the old vampire? AWesome!

  • K-Dogg

    I like the way this looks, very different and original, glad they arent trying to do Oldman’s Dracula again, because that would just be pointless.

  • Wesley Martin

    This has got me very pumped to see this, it looks good. Than again I’m up for anything that puts the villain in the spotlight.

  • Jake

    Meh. I’m getting The Legend Of Hercules vibes, and that’s not a good thing.

    • ThunderDragoon

      I felt the same way.

  • Sarigar

    Vlad Tepes had a moustache. Dracula had a moustache. Why can’t any cinematic Dracula have a proper moustache?

  • Ress EZ

    Wow! I’m surprised to see the scope of the movie that the trailer suggests (or at least I think it’s epic in scale). Though I agree with Jake about the Hercules vibe, I can’t deny my interest in watching it when it’s out. And the poster has me sold too!

  • Does not look exactly great, but better than expected. Luke Evans is always playing the same character. He is likeable enough and he has a face for the big screen, but versatile he is not. My verdict: rental. Seems to be good for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

  • Looks good! Excited.

  • Mistah Vader

    Charles Dance alone makes this look awesome.

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