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Incredible ‘Friday the 13th’ Art Exhibit Pays Tribute to the Whole Franchise

This is one of the coolest tributes to Friday the 13th we’ve ever seen.

Artist David Arseneau is a massive fan of the Friday the 13th franchise, and he’s decided to show off that passion in a really unique way. Now on display at Montreal’s Darling Foundry art gallery (through May 21st) is Arseneau’s lovingly-crafted tribute to his favorite slasher series, which he describes as an “obsessive art project” that saw him paying tribute to literally every single location, character and kill in the entire franchise.

David explains the ambitious project…

My DIY Friday the 13th museum exhibition includes a giant map of Crystal Lake and it’s surroundings, towns, camps, and even New York city; a makeshift video game of the map where the player walks around the Friday the 13th universe; hand drawn portraits of all three hundred characters from all films; a visual archive of all the culture-specific items and weapons that are used in the Friday the 13th films; and twelve faithfully rendered, hand drawn movie posters from all twelve movies.

Check out a video walkthrough of the insane exhibit below, including a playthrough of the Friday the 13th video game that takes Jason to every iconic locale from the series!



  • The big picture on the wall is awesome, I would love to see that “map” in high resolution.

  • Jaysin Horror

    I hope there are prints of this made in the future. I would absolutely buy one

  • nicholasmwalker

    well i guess thats puts the question of “who is the biggest friday the 13th fan?” right to bed. my hat goes off to this guy. it’s really an incredible undertaking

  • Blade4693

    Wow that is awesome

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