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John Carpenter Just Directed a ‘Christine’ Short Film and You Can Watch Right Now

34 years after directing Christine, Carpenter has brought her back to life.

Releasing this October from Sacred Bones Records is the compilation album John Carpenter Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998, a near-comprehensive survey of John Carpenter’s greatest movie themes. The newly-recorded themes include The Fog, The Thing and Halloween.

Also found on the album is Carpenter’s theme for Christine, a track that gets its own music video today. The video was directed by Carpenter himself, and it’s being billed as his first narrative work in seven years.

The video essentially plays out like a brand new short film set within the Christine universe, and it’s a pretty massive treat for fans of the 1982 Stephen King adaptation.

Carpenter is taking the Anthology album on tour beginning in October, and you can find full dates and locations over on his official website.

Pre-order your copy today from Sacred Bones Records on Standard LP, Limited Edition LP, Deluxe Limited Edition LP, or CD, and expect it October 20!




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