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This 2-Hour Holiday Yule Log Eventually Becomes a Twisted Horror Film!

It’s a slow burn horror movie. Literally.

Last year gave us “Chucky Roasting on an Open Fire,” a seven-hour yule log video specifically geared towards horror fans like ourselves. If you spent last Christmas with that video and you’re looking for a new one this year, look no further.

Written and directed by Edmond Hawkins, this year’s “The Hawkins Family Yule Log” is a 2-hour, full HD yule log video… with a seriously sadistic and insane horror twist.

The first hour or so of the video is a pretty standard, crackling yule log, but things eventually take a turn when the family shows up. We don’t want to spoil any of the fun, but let’s just say you have NEVER seen a yule log video like this one before.

Oh and bonus: it stars Lauren Ashley Carter of Darling fame!



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