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Rumor: Is Stallone Going Nova In ‘Guardians Vol. 2’?


Not long ago, we reported on a rumor that none other than Sylvester Stallone had joined the cast of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  At the time it was unclear as to what kind of role the veteran action superstar might have in the film and how large of a role it might be.  Yesterday, a new rumor arose and things are starting to become a little clearer.  We have since conferred with our own sources and they have backed up what the outlet who started the rumor ball a-rolling has stated.  Long story short, it looks like Stallone will be playing a soldier for the Nova Corps.

Mind you we have seen plenty of the Nova Corps. and their home planet of Xandar in the previous Guardians film, but it sounds like the sequel will be going a step further.  Instead of just getting the likes of Nova Prime Irani Rael (Glenn Close) and Rhomann Dey (John C. Reilly)* in police-like uniforms, we will see at least one full-blown armored and helmeted Nova ready for action (if not many of them).

The most famous Nova from the comics is, of course, Richard Rider.  I doubt that is who Sly will be playing, should this rumor prove to be fact.  While I have no doubt that Rider will eventually be brought to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, perhaps even in his own Nova film, it seems likelier that Stallone is playing another member of the corps.

He could very well be playing a new character created specifically for the film or an obscure name pulled from the comics for usage.  That said, if I may be allowed to get wishful for a moment, I would love it if he turned out to be Garthan Saal.  Also known as Nova Omega, Saal was a respected member of the Corps. who eventually went mad with power and became the villain Supernova.  If Marvel is beginning to lay groundwork for a Nova franchise to eventually split off of the Guardians films, Saal would be a great character to include in a small capacity here.  It would also allow Stallone to have a recurring role with an arc, should they choose to use him again in the future.  Mind you this is nothing but wishful thinking and blind speculation, but a guy can dream.

Regardless, it looks like we might just see Stallone donning a Judge Dredd-esque helmet and costume again in the very near future.  Are you ready to see Sly become an intergalactic space cop for Marvel?  We are!



* – Reilly still has yet to be confirmed as returning.  It’s entirely possibly that the actor is simply unavailable due to scheduling, but I’ll be surprised if Gunn doesn’t manage to at least work him in for one scene.

  • Adam Ragg

    Saal was in the first film played by Peter Serafinowicz. So probably not him. Sorry.

    • Luke

      Peter played denarian saal. So probably could still be good

      • Adam Ragg

        I’m fairly certain the implication is they’re meant to be the same person.