[Exclusive] Cover Art for New Limited Edition Release of Steve Alten's 'The Loch' Promises Movie Coming Soon! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Cover Art for New Limited Edition Release of Steve Alten’s ‘The Loch’ Promises Movie Coming Soon!



Looks like The Meg author Steve Alten’s The Loch will be next to arrive on the big screen!

Best-selling author Steve Alten is now taking pre-orders for a Special Collector’s Edition hardback of his 2005 thriller, The Loch. Why now? Perhaps it has something to do with the cover art which includes the following caption: Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture.

Dramatic rights to The Loch were actually optioned by The Meg lead producer Belle Avery back in 2007 just before she had optioned the rights to The Meg. Alten has confirmed to us that Avery has also optioned the dramatic rights to several more of his novels.

I trust Belle. She actually reads and re-reads my books – rarity in Hollywood these days,” Alten told us.

The newly re-edited novel of The Loch features new photos, maps, and 3D images, along with a special bonus – a never-before published report entitled The Science Behind The Loch: New Evidence Proving The Existence & Species Of The Loch Ness Monster.

All books ordered before 10/15 at SteveAlten.com will be signed and arrive by Christmas.

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