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Understanding the ‘Venom’ Family Tree



Sony’s Columbia Pictures has already begun casting Venom, their Spider-Man spinoff that begins a brand new universe around Eddie Brock, comic books’ first symbiote. Tom Hardy will be playing Brock in the film that allegedly also will introduce Carnage as the film’s antagonist, while also surprising fans with She-Venom, aka the “Bride of Venom”.

With filming to begin as early as this fall, and a release date targeting October 5, 2017, someone over at HeroCraft created fantastic breakdowns of the symbiote family tree. It all spawns from Venom, an alien that was initially brought back to Earth by Spider-Man in “Secret Wars #8”. His origin story will be different in the film adaptation being directed by Zombieland‘s Ruben Fleischer, but it will instill the same concept will allow the writers to expand its own universe beyond that of just Venom and Carnage. The five foundation symbiotes would be a cool setup for the next film or we could just jump to the confusing Venom 2099.

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