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Ridiculously Cool ‘Venom’ Sculpt Captures Classic Look



Creature artist Mikkel Frandsen has shared a new sculpt inspired by Columbia Pictures’ now-filming Venom, which looks to draw inspiration from Todd McFarlane’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” drawings from 1988.

The below photos are of a 3-D sculpt of the symbiote that, in the comics, broke free from its bind with Peter Parker and shared rage with Eddie Brock (being played by Tom Hardy), turning him into Venom. Frandsen’s designs are not being used for the Ruben Fleischer-directed Spider-Man spinoff, and are just really cool fan-made pieces of work that deserve admiration for its impeccable design. To confirm, he has never been employed on Venom and his work has nothing to do with Sony’s movie.

While not part of the Marvel Comics Universe, Venom will, in fact, be in the same “reality” as the Spider-Man films, which could lead to a crossover in the future. Until then, Columbia Pictures’ “R”-rated Venom opens in theaters Oct. 5, 2018.

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