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Why Damon Lindelof Should Feel Free to Defile “Watchmen”



What an odd headline. As a lifelong comic book fan, it’s a strange and new feeling to hope that something I’ve loved reading my entire life gets bastardized. With comic adaptations all the rage, I think we’re all collectively learning that direct adaptations aren’t always what’s best for the big screen, and it’s actually sorta, kinda nice to have each director inject their own flavor into their interpretation. After all these years, it’s time we accept that Tim Burton’s Batman is a goddamn masterpiece, but I digress…

Writer-producer Damon Lindelof is getting crucified by “Watchmen” fans for promising a different take on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons‘ source material. It’s got so bad that he wrote the below heartfelt letter to fans that goes as far as to detail his father’s death. It’s heartbreaking. It’s also heartbreaking that he has to defend himself. I’ve been a longtime hater of Lindelof, especially after what he did to “Lost” fans (I assure you, my sources tell me he was winging it and injecting weird stuff with zero intentions to explain), and then leaving Ridley Scott scrambling to sequelize his Prometheus (originally planned as a one-shot until Lindelof sold him on a trilogy).  It wasn’t until I binged HBO’s “The Leftovers” that I was able to forgive and forget. Lindelof took all the positives in his arsenal and, for once in his career, delivered on his promise. “The Leftovers” may just be one of the greatest shows ever. Point is, I believe Lindelof has learned from his past mistakes and is only going to bring his storytelling gifts to “Watchmen”.

As for defiling the source material, do we really need a near-direct adaptation again? Many critics panned Zack Snyder‘s 2009 adaptation, and yet, it was perfect. As suggested above, sometimes the source material isn’t best suited for the big screen, and Snyder’s Watchmen was proof of this. Lindelof needs to take some liberties with his fresh take and, based on his filmography, I expect a more fractured/mysterious delivery of the characters and their backstories. It’s 2018, everything doesn’t have to happen exactly like it did in the comics. If I can learn to trust in Lindelof, I’m hoping “Watchmen” fans can too…

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