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[Giveaway] Win A Copy Of “The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road’”



If you, like us could hardly  handle the insanity of “Mad Max: Fury Road” then perhaps we have something to make your action movie comedown a little easier. “The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road” is a comprehensive making-of book from the masters at Titan Books. Author Abbie Bernstein dissects the masterful film from George Miller in one epic tome. This book peels back the presentation of the most technically impressive film to hit cinemas in decades and allows for a unique perspective behind the scenes.

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Fury Road defies expectations. Mad Max has one of the deepest and most interesting ever worlds put to screen. It should come as no surprise that each and every vehicle, person and set piece in the film was meticulously crafted by George Miller. The production of the film spanned several years. Inside the book you’ll find early concept art dating back to the 90’s. Every single piece of technology was working and every effect was shot in camera. The result is something that really needs to be seen to be believed. If you wondered how they pulled off those crazy polecat moves near the end of the film – this book has the answers.


The book is divided into sections detailing characters, locations, vehicles, and scenes. Within everysection you’ll learn more than you ever thought possible about the production of this film and just what made it so incredible from the ground up. The fine folks at Titan Books recognize George Miller’s Mad Max masterwork and have collaborated with the film’s production to create a beautiful behind the scenes look at what goes into crafting the most ambitious action movie ever made.

We’ve teamed up with Titan Books to giveaway two copies of this incredible behind the scenes book. And all you have to do is send a little tweet our way. Please tweet the following text at myself (@ZacBeThompson) and at Bloody-Disgusting (@BDisgusting) to enter yourself in the giveaway. You’ve got until this Friday, June 5th.

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