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We all know those people who seem to have seen every movie and T.V. show, played every video game, and read every book and comic out there (where do they find the time?), and trying to shop for them can make for a frustrating experience. That being said, there are always those off-the-wall items that even the most well-versed horror fanatics haven’t yet gotten their hands on, and that’s where the “Toys & Merchandise” section of B-D’s Black Friday Chopping List comes in. Along with the latest in toys and decorative figurines, you’ll also find such oddities as specialized license plates, zombie-themed Zippo lighters, and even real embalmed mice made into Christmas tree ornaments. Seriously.


Fright Rags Online Store

List Price: varies

We included the Fright Rags t-shirt store on our Black Friday list last year, and we’re including it again because there are a bunch of awesome new designs to choose from this holiday season. You can check out the full, massive selection of original horror movie-inspired artwork over at their website, but don’t fret if you’re not sure what to buy for that special someone on your list – they also offer gift certificates.

Order by clicking here

Specimen 714: Hatchet Head Statue (Sideshow Collectibles)

List Price: $59.99

Part of Sideshow Collectibles’ original series known as “The Dead” – featuring limited-edition zombie busts and figures put out exclusively by the company – the “Hatchet Head” statue is, as the website puts it, a “plague-ridden severed head [that] depicts one of the many desperate attempts to combat the multiplying horde of The Dead.” Individually painted and finished by Sideshow-commissioned artists, this 9.5″ high bust is a great gift idea for any zombie-lovin’ collector type on your holiday shopping list.

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‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Limited Edition Resin Statue Sets

List Price: Around $600 each

Limited to just 300 each worldwide, these two limited edition sets of Nightmare Before Christmas resin statues (ranging in height from 7-12 inches) are a must-have for any fan of the film. Series 1 features Jack, Sally, the Mayor, and a Vampire, while Series 2 consists of Jack (in Santa outfit), Dr. Finklestein, The Wolfman, and Harlequin Demon. Each statue is lovingly crafted and features amazing, movie-accurate detail and accessories to satisfy any aficionado. Sure they’re a little pricey, but worth it if you have the money to spend (or are able to split the cost with others).

Order Series 1 by clicking here

Series 2

Jason Voorhees: The Terror of Crystal Lake 16″ Statue

List Price: $209.99

This grotesque 16″ polystone statue of Jason Voorhees depicts the merciless killer –
holding a bloodied axe in one hand and a machete in the other – as he stands atop a pile of nubile bodies that have been slashed and torn to pieces. Each limited-edition statue comes gloriously hand-painted and finished, with a removable hockey mask that reveals Jason’s deformed visage underneath. It’s a little pricey, but worth it for hardcore Friday fans if you have the money to spend.

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Freddy Krueger Bladed Glove Replica

List Price: $71.99

This insanely impressive, studio-approved Freddy glove replica from NECA has blades made out of real steel, genuine copper armature and a movie-accurate design (based on the glove from the 2010 film, but we can just forget about that) that’s a dream come true for any Nightmare on Elm Street fan. The best thing about the convincingly weathered and “bloodstained” glove is it’s actually designed to be worn and comes with a black plastic handform that’ll give it a perfect fit no matter what size fingers you have. Just be careful the kinda person you buy it for – this bad boy has real-live blades on it. Like, don’t give it to anyone who’s ever complained about hearing “voices”.

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Sci-Fi Revoltech #018: Alien Queen

List Price: $57.99

Release Date: December 1, 2010

This 12.5″ Alien Queen from Kaiyodo (based on the design from the ’86 film) is one of the latest from their “Revoltech” series of figurines, and it’s a doozy. The impressive, super-articulated Queen features 25 movable joints and 32 movable parts – including retractable inner jaws – that will have any lover of the movies peeing themselves with glee. It also comes with a display base that’ll come in handy once you’re done, you know, playing with it. Raaaarr!! NOTE: For those on a budget, the Revoltech series also includes “Alien” and “Alien Warrior” figurines, each about $20 less than the “Alien Queen” version.

Order Alien Queen by clicking here

Alien (w/ facehugger)

Alien Warrior

9″ Michael Myers Stylized Rotocast Figure

List Price: $27.99

This 9″ Michael Myers figure from Mezco features the iconic killer clad in his trademark jumpsuit (made of real fabric), ghost-white mask (splattered with the blood of one of his victims), and oversized butcher knife (also bloody). The figure, which features 10 points of articulation, is an impressive one for the low price; Myers even boasts a pink princess comb to go along with his “real” hair! Ok fine, that’s actually not part of the package – though if you really wanted you could just borrow one from your younger sister’s Barbie collection.

Order by clicking here

Zombie “More Brains” License Plate/Nosferatu License Plate

List Price: $12.99 each

Have you ever found yourself sitting in traffic thinking, “You know what, I really love horror movies, but it’d be great if that complete stranger in the car behind me actually knew about it”? If you have, then allow me to introduce two new limited-edition, embossed aluminum license plates from Tin 10 Collectibles featuring horror movie themes to pimp out your vehicle with. The first is “Zombie `More Brains'” (limited to 500 pieces worldwide), drawn by popular artist Rob Sacchetto and featuring a decayed, yellow-toothed zombie with glowing green eyes and an exposed brain. The second one features a painting of original movie vampire Count Orlok (played by Max Schreck in the 1922 classic Nosferatu), which features a close-up portrait of Schreck as the ancient vampire alongside a recreation of that famous “shadow creeping up the stairs” profile shot. Both plates measure six by 12 inches and will fit any standard sized car plate holder.

Order “Zombie `More Brains'” by clicking here



List Price: $80/portrait

Though he’s received attention in the press for “zombifying” celebrities (painting their undead portraits off of photographs), you too can now have “zombie artist” Rob Sacchetto do the same for your non-celeb friends and family members. All you do is a) go to Rob’s website http://www.zombieportraits.com/index.html; b) click on the upper left-hand corner where it says “$80 per zombie”; c) make your order through PayPal; d) email Rob a photo of the person (or animal!) you’d like for him to transform into a decaying flesh-eater; and e) wait approximately 3-4 weeks (possibly sooner if you pay an extra fee) and you or your loved one will receive a 9″x11″ original watercolor portrait of themselves as a ghoulish member of the undead. Couples and group portraits are also available by special order.

Order by clicking here

“Piece of Mind” Eddie Latex Mask

List Price: $39.99

Now available from NECA, this fully-licensed latex mask of Iron Maiden mascot “Eddie the Head” (based on the cover art from their classic 1983 “Piece of Mind” album) shows the hairless, lobotomized version of the famed zombie character in all its gory detail. Needless to say, this would be a great buy for any Iron Maiden fanatic on your list.

Order by clicking here

Necromance Online Store

List Price: varies

Also included in our Black Friday guide last year was the Necromance online store, a collection of macabre jewelry, home décor and other curiosities that should please any horror fan on your list who enjoys receiving oddball gifts. And when I say “bizarre” I’m not kidding – there is some seriously whacked-out shit here. Products range from “Angel Mouse” tree ornaments (real mice, embalmed and adorned with feather wings), creepy lenticular paintings, antique medical tools, and bat skeletons encased in Lucite blocks. For those who are somewhat less adventurous, they also have some pretty awesome t-shirts in stock.

Order by clicking here

Walking Dead Lighters

List Price: $19.99 each/$79.99 (set of 4)

Scheduled to arrive just in time for the holiday season, Taverncraft will soon be releasing a set of 4 lighters based on the Walking Dead comic book series by Robert Kirkman. Each black-and-white metal lighter – “Dead Head”, “Dead Rules”, “Fresh Meat”, and “Rise & Feed” – has been deep-etched with zombie imagery ripped straight from the pages of the comics. Buyers can order either individual lighters or the entire set, in which case you’ll also receive a special Kirkman-signed Litho Card. Great for any fan of either the comics or the hit AMC series.

Order by clicking here

The Exorcist Possessed Regan Electronic Deluxe Boxed Set

List Price: $39.99

Released just last month in tandem with The Exorcist Blu-ray, this electronic figure boxed set – modeled after the famous “head-spinning” scene in the movie – features actual sounds and dialogue from the film (including the creepy “Tubular Bells” musical theme) and a hand-painted “possessed Regan” figure whose head spins 360 degrees at the push of a button.

Order by clicking here

Monsterman Graphic Skate Decks

List Price: $59.95 each

After last year’s release of the “House of Monsters” skate deck (featured on our 2009 Black Friday list), Monsterman Graphic has now come out with five new ones: “Lurking Zombies”, “Heavy Metal Monster”, “Medusa”, “Punk Rock Space Monster”, and “Halloween Lord o’Lanterns”. Each one comes with specially-designed artwork by Scott Jackson and can be ordered in a variety of different sizes.

Order by clicking here


List Price: varies

At Gelaskins.com you can shop for removable covers (“skins”) for iPhones, MP3 players, e-Readers, laptops, etc. that feature photo-quality graphics of artworks from both lesser-known artists as well as luminaries like H.R. Giger and Frank Miller. Indeed, the recreations are absolutely stunning and would be a great gift for horror fans whose idea of a good time is trawling around local art shows and museums. Buyers also have the option of customizing skins with their own photos and images. According to the website, the skins are easy to apply and don’t leave any sticky residue behind when you decide to remove them

Order by clicking here


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