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’39’: The Gary Sherman Movie You’ll Never See



For the younger readers, Gary Sherman is the director behind Raw Meat, Poltergeist III and the classic Dead & Buried.

He’s also the director of 39: A Film by Carroll McKane, a horror film that you will probably never see.

In 39, starring Martin Cummins, Catherine Glynn and Lawrence MacGowan, “Carroll McKane’s DVcams have recorded the deaths of his 36 past victims. His killing room, a makeshift studio, is the set for the murders of two more victims and the torture of a forensic psychiatrist, destined to be his biographer and the killer of his final victim… number 39.

I’ve seen the movie (it’s okay), as have a handful of festival goers who attended either Hollywood’s Screamfest Horror Film Festival or the Montreal-based Fantasia Film Festival back in 2006.

Sherman is a fellow Chicago-native who both lives and teaches (Columbia College) here in the city. He also filmed 39 in Chicago. I actually have heard stories from behind-the-scenes about why you’ll never see 39, but am sworn to secrecy. Instead, I’ll let Sherman’s alleged account that he made the movie for himself (source missing) stand as the historical truth, even though Jinga Films was hired to sell the film back in 2007 (and retitled it to 39: Epitaph for a Serial Killer).

“I’m very excited about it. I’m very proud of it. It’s a very, very different film,” Sherman told Reel Chicago when he wrapped production in 2005. “Everyone who’s seen it in its unfinished form has been blown away by it. They’ve either hated it or loved it. There’s no chance of coming in between. It’s a very polarizing film.”

He asserts: “Everybody who sees it says it’s the most disturbing film they’ve ever seen.”

Too bad you’ll never see it, although you can enjoy this old trailer and viral from 2006!

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