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5 Great Halloween Commercials



It should come as no surprise that October is my favorite month. It’s the start of basketball season, of which I am a huge fan, but it’s also the month of Halloween and the one time of year that horror truly reigns supreme. As a kid growing up I always felt like everyone went all out for Halloween – stores, TV shows, every house on the block and so on. What really struck a chord with me were the TV commercials. It seemed like virtually every product got in the spirit and unleashed some Halloween-themed commercial.

Thanks to the likes of YouTube, I’m able to re-visit a lot of these commercials quite easily. In doing so I decided to make a list of 5 Great Halloween Commercials. These are in no particular order, and I’m not even saying they’re the 5 best, but they are 5 Halloween commercials that I really, really love.

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