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5 Things We Want to See in ‘Alien: Covenant’



Alien: Covenant | via Fox

Now that Twentieth Century Fox has officially announced the Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel Alien: Paradise Lost Alien: Covenant as a real project that is in development, fans around the world can rejoice over the fact that we are finally getting another Alien movie. That being said, many people were disappointed in Prometheus, especially those who were expecting more of an actual Alien film. Personally, I enjoyed the film on its own terms but can’t help but wish for a film with more Xenomorphs (and not this kind of Xenomorph). Here is a list of five things we really want to see in Alien: Covenant. Please listen to us!

1. Horror

With the exception of Elizabeth’s grotesque C-section sequencePrometheus didn’t offer much in the way of horror. It was more a straight science-fiction film that posed many questions and failed to provide any answers. If Ridley Scott is going to title his movie Alien: Covenant, then he better damn well make it an Alien film. Give us some horror! This doesn’t necessarily mean gore, but make the central villain intimidating and scary. The Engineers were interesting villains, but they were hardly scary.

Alien: Covenant

2. Tone Down the Religion

This could be a controversial request, but the overemphasis on religion turned a lot of people off from Prometheus. That film stood apart from the Alien films because it opted to take a different, more religious approach to the mythology. This is all well and good, and had the film not been billed as a prequel to Alien, those aspects may have been better received by the general public. Now that the sequel actually has the work “alien” in the title, the film will most likely tone down the religious aspects and focus more on what so many people love about the original franchise: aliens.

Alien: Covenant

3. Xenomorphs

Speaking of aliens, let’s get more of them in the film! Real xenomorphs though, not whatever that thing was in the closing moments of Prometheus.

Alien Covenant

4. Winking Tributes to the Original Alien

Part of the problem with prequels is that they feel too compelled to connect the dots between them and the original films. The closing tag of Prometheus, with its non-xenomorph felt tacked on an unnecessary. For the most part, the film did a good job separating itself from the original franchise, which made its epilogue feel even more out of place. Alien: Covenant should feature subtle connections to Alien, but not glaringly obvious ones that take you out of the film.

Alien: Covenant

5. Elizabeth Shaw

The official synopsis for Alien: Covenant mentions Michael Fassbender’s David, but fails to mention Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Show. It’s possible the studio is saving her reveal for a later date, but it’s posible they’re going to go the Alien 3 route and kill her of in the opening credits like Newt at Hicks. PLEASE DON’T DO THAT. It wasn’t cool in 1992 and it won’t be cool in 2017. Like it or not, Shaw is the Ripley of this franchise. After what she experienced in Prometheus, it would be fun to see a hardened Shaw kick some ass. Bring her back Mr. Scott!

Alien: Covenant

What are some things you would like to see in Alien: Covenant? Let us know in the comments below or shoot me a Tweet!

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