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9 Hilarious Moments from Season 1 of “Scream Queens”!



Scream Queens, image via FOX

Fox’s slasher parody Scream Queens was one of the most controversial shows to premiere last year. Marketed as a horror series, many viewers were surprised to find out that it was actually a parody in the vein of films like Airplane! or even Scary Movie. It premiered well below expectations and gradually lost viewers as the season went on (even hitting a 1.98 in Nielsen ratings at one point). Lucky for fans, Fox decided to renew the show for a second season, which premieres on September 20th. To celebrate the occasion, we decided to look at some of the first season’s funniest moments. 

1. When Ms. Bean Doesn’t Know How to “Hit It”

The highlight of the pilot episode was an extremely brief moment in which Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) is ordering her housekeeper Ms. Bean (Jan Hoag), whom she affectionately calls “White Mammy,” around town. Upon leaving the local coffee shop, Chanel tells Ms. Bean to hit it. Poor Ms. Bean doesn’t fully grasp the concept and Chanel’s reaction is priceless.

2. Chanel-‘o-ween

In a rather obvious spoof of Taylor Swifts very real “Swiftmas” (though not nearly as sweet), Chanel would send grotesque gifts to all of her precious donkeys. Sure, it’s a little on the nose, but the image of her driving around in that little pink car is one of the funniest visuals the series did all season.

3. Where are the Dinosaurs?

Ariana Grande’s appearance on Scream Queens was a much-hyped aspect of the series prior to its release, so it came as quite a shock when her Chanel #2 died in the pilot (albeit in a hilarious, Airplane!-style fashion). That wouldn’t be her best moment though. No, her best moment would come from a dream Chanel had in which she spoke to #2’s ghost, and they both lamented the lack of dinosaurs in Hell.

4. Cafeteria Feminism

Sometimes Ryam Murphy’s social and political commentary can be a little heavy-handed, so it was refreshing to see feminism handled in such hilarious fashion during a cafeteria fight on Scream Queens. The sequence skewers critics of feminism and feminists themselves in the way the Chanel’s respond to the male chauvinistic remarks of men, making Scream Queens an equal opportunity satire.

5. Zayday Williams Is Totally the Killer

There’s a running gag throughout the whole first season of Scream Queens in which security guard Denise Hemphill (Niecy Nash) accuses Zayday Williams (Keke Palmer) of being the killer. It probably happens at least once an episode. The whole bit is hilarious in general, but never so much as when Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin) deduces that Zayday is the killer because her name is an anagram for “I May Slay Liz Daw.” Who is Liz Daw? I don’t know, but clearly Zayday is contemplating slaying her!

6. Dean Munsch’s Afternoon Reading Session

Jamie Lee Curtis was one of the MVPs of Scream Queens not only because she is one of the greatest scream queens of all time, but because she was able to play so radically against type in the role of Dean Cathy Munsch. Munsch is a sociopathic, selfish awful person. She’s also a total hoot! One of her funniest moments came from the Thanksgiving episode in which Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) explains how she knows Munsch is a murderer: she saw her reading a Playgirl magazine whilst eating a bologna sandwich, despite supposedly being allergic to bologna. The visual of Curtis reading that Playgirl is too weird to not be funny, and serves as one of the most iconic images Scream Queens ever delivered.

Scream Queens

7. Christmas Shopping

What kind of monster would get into stores before they opened the morning of Black Friday and buy all the VR headsets in plain view of the general public? Chanel Oberlin, that’s who. Watching her stack boxes of VR headsets while smiling at the shoppers outside is one of the most demented and hysterical things the character has ever done, and that’s saying something.

8. In Bed With a Goat

It was difficult to pick just one moment from Chad Radwell, the dopey frat boy with a heart of gold (sort of). The best moment had to come in the form of him literally sleeping with a goat. You see, Chad is lactose intolerant, so he keeps a baby goat and cuddles with it at night and rubs its belly so that it will produce more milk for him to drink (since goat milk is lactose milk). It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it sure is funny.

Scream Queens

9. Basically Everything Niecy Nash Says or Does

You know how I stated that Jamie Lee Curtis was one of the MVPs of Scream Queens? Well Niecy Nash was the MVP of Scream Queens‘s first season. There wasn’t a single thing that came out of this woman’s mouth that didn’t inspire immediate guffaws so I’m just going to lump every scene of hers into this entry. Excuse the music in the below series of clips though. It really ruins the whole experience of watching Nash do her thing.

What were your favorite moments from the first season of Scream Queens? Let us know in the comments below!

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