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10 Horror Movie Remakes You Probably Didn’t Know Existed!



Unknown Horror Remakes

As much as it may hurt to admit it, horror remakes are one of the most profitable types of films for the genre (they’re not all bad though). Sometimes a high-profile remake flies under the radar and, as you will see in the following list, are forgotten entirely. Below are 10 such horror movie remakes that have mostly been forgotten by audiences and critics alike. Have you seen any of them?

The Bad Seed

Paul Wendkos directed this 1985 ABC TV movie adaptation of the 1956 original (or William March’s 1954 play, depending on which you prefer). Christa Denton portrayed the devious Rhoda Penmark, and Lynn Redgrave (in her first of two appearances on this list) portrayed the concerned neighbor Monica Breedlove. The late David Carradine even starred as the doomed caretaker Leroy Jessup.

Horror Remakes

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

This 1962 camp classic, itself an adaption of Henry Farrell’s 1960 novel, has returned to the spotlight thanks to Ryan Murphy’s Feud, which chronicles the behind the scenes drama between its two stars: Bette Davis and Joan Crawford (seriously though, it’s really good). Most people don’t know what it was remade in 1991 (again by ABC) starring both Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave as Baby Jane and Blanche, respectively.

Unknown Horror Remakes

A Bucket of Blood

Roger Corman’s 1959 black comedy horror film A Bucket of Blood got the Showtime treatment in 1995, with Anthony Michael Hall replacing Dick Miller as the dopey busboy Walter. Fun Fact: A Bucket of Blood was Will Ferrell’s film debut and also showcased Christopher Guest muse Jennifer Coolidge in one of her earliest film roles, playing (I kid you not) “Stupid Girl.”

Unknown Horror Remakes

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to remake this classic 1920 German Espressionist film, but this remake is a film that exists. Genre staple Doug Jones takes over the role of Cesare, and the entire movie being filmed in front of a green screen to capture the look of the original.

Unknown Horror Remakes


Everyone knows about the 2010 Alexandre Aja remake, but Joe Dante’s Piranha was remade as yet another TV adaptation (also airing on Showtime) in 1995. That version starred William Katt and Soleil Moon-Frye (her death scene gave me nightmares as a kid). Considering screenwriter Alex Simon essentially copied Dante’s screenplay but chose to remove all of the humor, this remake wasn’t as well received. It was Mila Kunis’s screen debut, so there’s that.

Unknown Horror Remakes

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