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Treat Yourself to One of These Awesome Gifts for ‘Alien’ Day!



Alien Day

We’ve still got a few months before National Treat Yo Self Day (what? Parks and Recreation is awesome), but we’re all in luck because today is the second annual Alien Day! “Why is today Alien Day?” you ask? That is because last year James Cameron’s Aliens celebrated its 30th anniversary. As many of you know, the moon that Aliens takes place on is named LV-426. 426 = 4/26 = April 26th. We know you don’t need us to tell you to watch Alien or Aliens (or Alien 3 or Alien: Resurrection, if you’re one of those fans) today, so we thought we’d create a fun shopping list for you on this impromptu Treat Yo Self Day. It turns out there are some pretty neat Alien-themed items out there. 

Ski Mask – $29.99

We actually talked about this article of clothing last year on Alien Day, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing! If I lived in a city that had cold weather more than one or two months out of the year I would love to have one of these babies.

Alien Day Gift

Cookie Jar – $44.99

Who wouldn’t want to pull some delicious cookies out of a xenomorph’s skull? The design on this jar is actually quite impressive! If only the inner mouth extended every time you opened the jar.

Alien Day Gifts

Blanket – $49.99

Every child needs a blanket, so why not start them on horror early with this trippy Alien-themed blanket?

Alien Day Gift

Bed Comforter – $139.00

If you thought I was done with bed materials, you’d be wrong. Next up we have a stunning xenomorph comforter for your king-size bed.

Alien Day Gifts

Ice Cube Tray – $11.99

Because who doesn’t want their ice cubes to be shaped like Alien eggs? They even have trays that turn your ice cubes into xenomorph skulls!

Alien Day Gift

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