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“Ash vs. Evil Dead” in a Ratings Decline So You Better Start Watching



It’s time to get real about this. “Ash vs. Evil Dead” is in serious danger of going away.

Starz certainly hasn’t been doing any favors for the third season of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” thus far, which was first pushed out of its usual October slot and bumped to February. On top of that, the premiere episode aired against the return of “The Walking Dead,” followed by a second episode that aired against “Walking Dead” AND the freakin’ Oscars.

What’s going on here? Is Starz burying the show? And what are the chances of a fourth season renewal, at this point in time? The outlook isn’t too great, friends.

The website TV Series Finale has been keeping track of the Season 3 viewership ratings for “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” reporting the following numbers for episodes 1 & 2:

  • Episode 3.1, “Family” – 225,000 viewers
  • Episode 3.2, “Booth Three” – 171, 000 viewers

Of course, these numbers don’t mean much until we compare them to the show’s past numbers. To bring some necessary context to all of this, Season 3’s two episodes thus far have been the show’s lowest rated of all time; the Season 1 & 2 premieres both pulled in 400,000+ viewers, while the previously lowest rated episode nabbed 237,000.

The picture being painted here, sadly, is that “Ash vs. Evil Dead” is in the midst of a pretty concerning ratings decline, which doesn’t bode well for the show’s future.

Even going into Season 3, Bruce Campbell had been expressing concern about the show’s chances for renewal, noting that Season 3’s finale also serves, if need be, as a series finale. Of course, that renewal or death of the show all hinges on how well the current third season does in terms of viewership, so this could indeed be the end.

How can you help out? Well, for starters, you should damn sure be watching “Ash vs. Evil Dead” every Sunday night on Starz. Here are other ways you can help:

  1. Download the Starz app. Do the 30-day free trial. Binge the show. Delete the app. Cost to you: $0.
  2. Purchase Starz through your local cable provider. Cost to you: Prices vary according to area and company.
  3. Purchase the show DVDs and Blu-rays. Merchandising is important. If you fork over the dough, you get the show
  4. Start binge watching AVED if you have the app. Introduce friends to the show.

You wanted it. You begged for it. Support it or Ash goes away. Maybe forever.

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