[Exclusive Comic Preview] "V-Wars" #7 - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive Comic Preview] “V-Wars” #7



New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Mayberry is quickly becoming a master of horror. He has created a world that serves as a worthy companion to George A Romero’s zombie apocalypse, but did so in his own way with his own rules. Innocence is a thing of the past now that the Vampire War has hit full stride, and he forces a world on people that pushes people to become something horrific to battle something terrible.

V-Wars #7

Jonathan Maberry (w) • Marco Turini (a) • Ryan Brown (c)

Joe Ledger and Big Dog–two top field agents who hate each other more than they do the vampires—have to find a way to work together to stop a new species of genetically enhanced vampire super-soldier. How far into darkness will heroes go to stop monsters? How far is too far?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

  • Featuring art by guest-artist Marco Turini. (Cyber Force, Legends of the Dark Knight)
  • Part of IDW’s Artist’s Edition Month Promotion!
  • Artist’s Edition Variant cover by Alan Robinson!


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