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[Exclusive Book Excerpt] “Alien: River of Pain” From Titan Books



Today marks the release of “Alien: River of Pain” from Titan Books. Written by always incredible Christopher Golden the book sees the conclusion of an all new trilogy set in the Alien universe. Those of you reading have been anticipating this for a very long time. For those of you new to this trilogy, let me catch you up very quickly.

We’re following Ellen Ripley, the daughter of the Ripley we know and love. She’s already been through hell, twice. And now she’s about to visit a very familiar place: LV-426.

When Ellen Ripley finally returned to Earth, she learned that the planet LV-426–the planet from Alien–has been colonized. This novel will reveal for the first time the fate of the colonists, of the Colonial Marines who accompanied them, and how there came to be one survivor: the girl known as Newt.

Here I offer you the chance to dive in, and the chance to win a copy of your own.



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