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[Fantasia ’16] ‘The Demolisher’ Director Returns With ‘Ventablvck’ (Exclusive)



One of my favorite movies from last year’s Fantasia International Film Festival was Gabriel Carrer’s The Demolisher (read our review). I’m a huge fan of vigilante flicks and Carrer’s haunting film was like none I had ever seen before. It’s more about the mental fallout one vigilante experiences rather than a straight up revenge tale. So I was pumped to hear that Carrer was returning to Fantasia this year – this time to pitch his new project, which has the enigmatic title Ventablvck.

I guess you could say Carrer is back in blvck.

And we’ve got an exclusive look at the conceptual trailer!

Below is the Ventablvck conceptual piece shown at the Frontières International Co-Production Market at Fantasia. It was shown during the film market at the Raven Banner Entertainment showcase and reveals the tone, vibe, and type of characters they’re shooting for in the film. The story revolves around a down-and-out pizza delivery driver who gets tangled into a mess of violent, underground characters.

Shot in one day, the concept piece was created with two stunt fighters from France, Thomas Lorber and Vincent Nam Khai. The film also reveals actress Breanne TeBoekhorst’s (The Drownsman) dark side and how her badass character Warlock will be portrayed.

Director/writer Carrer had this to say:

“We wanted to create something special and visual for the Frontières International Co-Production Market at this years Fantasia International Film Festival, so we got a group together and filmed this over the course of eight hours to reveal the style, tone and attitude we hope the film will linger in. When pitching a project and finding resources, you need to show as much as you can, what you can do with nothing, just show something at the very least. It’s here to convey the vibe, and the idea of one of the film’s villains, Warlock.”

Raven Banner has a great lineup of films under its belt, including The Battery, Demon’s Rook, Pod, and Carrer’s The Demolisher. Here’s hoping Raven Banner and Carrer score at the film market this year for Ventablvck.


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