[Exclusive] The 'Hellraiser Judgment' Scene the Studio Axed for Being Too Extreme - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] The ‘Hellraiser Judgment’ Scene the Studio Axed for Being Too Extreme



Can the Hellraiser franchise ever go *too* far?

To their credit, Dimension Films allowed writer/director Gary J. Tunnicliffe to run pretty wild with his Hellraiser: Judgment, released this week. The tenth installment in the long-running franchise is home to some seriously nasty sights, up to and including a heavyset man eating papers soaked in children’s tears and then vomiting into a funnel.

That vomit is then played with by a trio of nude Cenobite women. So. Yeah.

Believe it or not, there was one scene that even Dimension wasn’t cool with. Tunnicliffe provided us with exclusive insights about the extreme scene, along with images.

People have been reacting (gagging etc) to some of the imagery in the film, but the truth is there were elements that were a LOT more shocking that were nixed from the original script and from the film itself,” Tunnicliffe explained to us. “For instance the original cenobite sex scene with Damon (as he’s making love to his wife) was MUCH more intense and we kept cutting back and forth; it originally had several false endings with one where his wife ‘goes down on him’ and after he climaxes she looks up at him, but it’s now his brother looking back, smiling.”

The series longtime makeup artist continued…

Then when he leaves the house [to go out] drinking, the sequence was much lengthier and intense. He wanders the alley way apparently followed by a strange figure; he looks back and now the figure is gone; he turns back and slams into ‘the vagrant’; the vagrant quotes a line from a tale of two cities and then beckons Sean (Damon Carney) forward to show him two pig masked men (behind a dumpster) having sex with a woman – one in front getting oral, one penetrating her from behind. She looks back at Sean, wiping her mouth revealing herself to be his wife Alison. He staggers back shocked, trips and falls to the floor; he hears a noise and we reveal the jury pulling a lament configuration from a disemboweled goat. The vagrant reaches up and pulls his skin from his face, grabs the box and speaking (with the Auditors voice) says ‘judgment to those who open the box’, and then hits him with it.”

It was meant to be disjointed, bizarre, nightmarish, showing that Sean’s world was being torn apart, undone by his experiences at the house within the hellish dimension,” he adds.

This scene was shot, but Dimension ultimately insisted on it being significantly cut down.

Along with a lot of the Cleaner’s scenes, it was deemed TOO extreme by the studio and a vastly reduced and edited version was eventually used,” Tunnicliffe told us.

The uncut sequences are *not* included with the home video release, but Tunnicliffe did share with us exclusive screen-grabs from the original edit of the “pig mask” scene.

Check them out below!

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