[Exclusive] Robert Kurtzman Shares Original Concept Art for 'From Dusk Till Dawn' Creatures - Bloody Disgusting
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Article updated May 29, 2018: Few artistic collaborations are truly collaborative to the extent that From Dusk Till Dawn was, with the 1996 film quite literally coming to the screen as a Quentin Tarantino movie mashed together with a Robert Rodriguez movie. Tarantino wrote the script with Rodriguez directing, and the film was nothing if not a true hybrid of their individual work.

But From Dusk Till Dawn all began with one man: Robert Kurtzman.

Kurtzman (who now owns MUFX) conceived the concept and hired Tarantino to write the script. On the effects front, Kurtzman and the rest of the effects team sure as hell had their hands full, tasked with designing all sorts of vampire creatures and executing wild gore gags.

Hanlin’s Hollywood Memorabilia will be auctioning off many items from Kurtzman’s personal collection next month, and included will be several relics from the production of From Dusk Till Dawn. Ahead of the auction’s catalog being made public this coming Monday, we’ve got our hands on several pieces of Kurtzman’s creature concept art, some of it depicting blood-sucking creatures that never actually ended up making it into the film – at least not as originally designed.

Kurtzman explained to us, “The biggest [creature] left out was my pencil sketch I did of the subterranean rat/bat creature which was in the original drafts of the story and script. Later, that design was used as the creature that Tom Savini turned into.”

Also going up for auction is a mold of Quentin Tarantino’s skull, which was created for the scene where his character is staked in the heart; only 3 replicas of the skull were made, one for each member of the company, with the original skull thought to be destroyed.

After [Quentin] was cast for the makeup, we then sculpted the skull to scale and to accentuate his big chin,” Kurtzman recalls.

Check out the concept art and Tarantino’s skull below!

Hanlin’s Hollywood Memorabilia is proud to present the creatures of Robert Kurtzman at an auction taking place June 2, 2018 at 11am.

The full catalog for the auction will be available this coming Monday.

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