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‘Worry Dolls’ Joins a UK Cult



Bloody Disgusting learned that Worry Dolls, from Padraig Reynolds, the writer and director of Rites of Spring, will be arriving on UK home video on June 27 from Studiocanal UK.

The below trailer is bonkers, starting with some cult sacrifices and then seemingly turning into a possession film with shades of Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

In Worry Dolls, “In the aftermath of the hunt for a notorious serial killer, Henry Leonard Bale, a peaceful town erupts in a chain of random, brutal murders. Detective Matt Williams soon discovers these killings are linked to an ancient set of Worry Dolls that was gifted to Bale when he was a boy. Now, with a curse unleashed upon the town and his young daughter’s life hanging in the balance, Detective Williams is pitted against the clock to find the dolls and break their curse in order to save her life.

Brea Grant, Brandon Johnson, Ashlynn Ross, Samantha Smith, Kennedy Brice, Naomi Kyle, Yohance Myles, Christopher Wiehl, and Kym Jackson star in Worry Dolls.

Worry Dolls, filmed in Mississippi, is produced by Greg Haggart, Christopher Wiehl, Padraig Reynolds and Danny Kolker from an original script by Kolker and Wiehl. Executive Producers are Ted Ackerley and Greg Root.

Check out our exclusive first images here.

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