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Mario Bava’s ‘Kill, Baby…Kill!’ is Out on Blu-ray Today!



Stop whatever it is you’re doing and head to your local video store, if you still have one, or wherever it is you purchase movies —- maybe DiabolikDVD or Amazon — because today is the day that Mario Bava’s classic Kill, Baby…Kill! finally comes to Blu-ray in the US!

Kill, Baby…Kill! has been on my Blu-ray want list for years. I first saw it maybe ten years or so ago on one of those DVD horror releases that contains 50 movies, all with terrible picture quality. You know the ones, they always sell you on the fact that they include Night of the Living Dead or The Bat or some public domain film that virtually all horror fans are familiar with. Despite those sets always having a bunch of the same movies and the quality being terrible they’re easy to justify purchasing because they’re like $10 so even despite the flaws get pretty good bang for your buck. Every now and then, if you watch all the movies on those sets, you might stumble across something you don’t know of that actually happens to be great. That’s how I found Kill, Baby…Kill! and I’ve been dying to see it in high def ever since. That day is finally here and I couldn’t be more stoked. Check out the trailer and the special features below and then go buy this movie!

A doctor (Giacomo Rossi Stuart) arrives at a remote village to perform an autopsy on a young woman, but his efforts are frustrated by the superstitious townspeople, who live in fear of the murderous spirit of a ghastly child. Dr. Eswai exposes the barbaric rituals of the frightened villagers, only to discover something even more horrifying within the crumbling remains of the notorious Villa Graps. Made at the peak of his career, Kill, Baby…Kill! is among Bava’s most macabre and visually stylish works, ranking alongside his legendary Eurogothic thrillers Black Sunday and The Whip and the Body.

Bonus Features:
English dialogue version, newly restored in 2K from 35mm elements | Italian dialogue with optional English subtitles | “Kill, Bava, Kill!” a previously unreleased 2007 documentary in which Lamberto Bava revisits the location where the film was shot (directed by David Gregory) | Audio Commentary by Tim Lucas, author of Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark | Interview with Erika Blanc (courtesy of Uwe Huber) | German title sequece with alternate footage | International theatrical trailer | Three American TV spots


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