'Bitch' and 'Bad Match' Added to Netflix - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Bitch’ and ‘Bad Match’ Added to Netflix



After her philandering husband and unruly kids break her psyche, Jill upends the family dynamic by assuming the persona of a vicious dog.

Marianna Palka saw her indie thriller Bitch, which she directs and stars in, world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s now available on Netflix here in the U.S.

Our own Fred Topel despised the film, calling it “a doggone piece of crap,” while Ben Larned absolutely adored it, declaring it “an insane, hilarious, and heartfelt dark comedy.”

In the film, “Jill, a lonely, unfulfilled housewife with four children, paces on her dining room table with a belt around her neck, contemplating a desperate end. Her husband, Bill, focused on his identity as breadwinner and an affair with a lusty co-worker, is as oblivious to Jill’s growing terror that she will do something destructive as he is to the panic at his unraveling company. Meanwhile, dogs bark and howl through the night, as one persistent mutt continually stalks the family’s yard. When Jill’s psyche finally breaks, she takes on a vicious new canine persona, and Bill is forced to become reacquainted with his children and sister-in-law as they attempt to keep the family together during this bizarre crisis.

Jason Ritter, Jaime King, Marianna Palka, Brighton Sharbino, Rio Mangini, and Kingston Foster star.

Also added to the streaming giant is Cheap Thrills co-writer David Chirchirillo‘s directorial debut Bad Match, a new indie production from BoulderLight Pictures (Contracted) and MM2 Entertainment.

In the film, an internet-dating playboy’s (Cutmore-Scott) life spirals out of control after meeting a woman (Simmons) online.

Starring Lili Simmons (Bone Tomahawk), Jack Cutmore-ScottNoureen DeWulf, Trent Haaga (Deadgirl, 68 Kill, Chop), and Chase Williamson (The Guest, John Dies at the End, SiREN), here’s the first trailer that warns of falling in love at first swipe.

Harris (Jack Cutmore-Scott, Dunkirk) seems to have it all—a great job, plenty of friends, and an active sex life thanks to a range of dating apps. But that all changes when he matches with Riley (Lili Simmons, “Hawaii Five-0”). Unlike Harris, Riley isn’t looking for a one-night-stand, and while at first, Harris just assumes she’s clingy, he’s about to find out the truth is something far more sinister. From writer-director David Chirchirillo (Cheap Thrills) comes this gripping and fresh take on the date from hell that will make you think twice before swiping.


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