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‘Doom’ Concept Art Has Monsters To Kill



I’ve just wrapped up a Doom-themed weekend in a desperate, and ultimately successful, attempt to review the latest one before Monday had to come back into my life and be a dick. I knew the risks going in, but I’m still afraid the last two days have changed me. I have this unquenchable bloodlust that always wants more, more, more, and I’m constantly struggling to repress a powerful urge to turn any nearby limbs into tools for bludgeoning.

Take this concept art, for example. Looking at these pics usually calms me, but now all they do is summon a mighty itch in my normally well-rested trigger finger. It might already be too late for some, but if you haven’t played the new Doom yet, I suggest you hold off on that until you’re done here.

For everyone else, it helped to separate the gun art from the monster art, since the two normally go so well together. Maybe it will make it easier for you, too.

Let’s drop some footage in here, just to be safe…



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