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‘Umbrella Corps’ Trailer Returns to Raccoon City



Capcom has added Raccoon City and its iconic police department to the growing list of destinations that Umbrella Corps plans to take us to when it releases next month. The two maps are joined by an underground Umbrella base, secluded European village, the shantytown of Kijuju, an abandoned Tricell facility and a secret Antarctic base, bringing the total number of maps we’ve seen to a respectable seven.

The Raccoon City map takes the action to the city streets for an experience that’ll probably feel more like Operation Raccoon City than Resident Evil 2. Players can choose to fight on the surface where there’s plenty of room, or in the labyrinthine series of sewer tunnels beneath the city. I hope you’re not claustrophobic or prone to infection. You got to protect those open wounds, people! No one wants to get poo in their GSW, trust me.

The other map is set in the Raccoon City Police Department, or RPD, and favors close quarters combat. On this map, cover is key. I also recommend keeping an eye out for any lickers hiding behind windows. Sneaky suckers…

We also have new details regarding the Upgrade Pack add-on that features a variety of character skins, weapons, patches, custom colors and emotes, all for $14.99. Longtime fans of the series might enjoy the character skins, which include familiar faces like Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Leon Kennedy, Barry Burton, Jake Muller and the HUNK.

Umbrella Corps releases a month from now, on June 21 for PC and PS4. As of today, the game can be pre-ordered from the PlayStation Store and Steam. Pre-order it and you’ll get the Fashion Victim Pack and its “flashy color options for armor and weapons” for free.

The base game, no frills, costs $29.99, while the Deluxe Edition — base game + Upgrade Pack — costs $39.99.

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