SHODAN Cosplay Boldly Brings 'System Shock' to Life - Bloody Disgusting
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SHODAN Cosplay Boldly Brings ‘System Shock’ to Life



I can’t imagine that a being as incomprehensibly divine as SHODAN, the megalomaniacal artificial intelligence first introduced to us in the original System Shock, would approve of this impudent insect’s blasphemous attempt to honor such digital perfection, nor its strategic use of pipe cleaners. Unless SHODAN used her lengthy hiatus from video games to rethink her opinion that our very “flesh is an insult to the perfection of the digital,” then this talented cosplayer just doomed us all.

Thanks a lot, cosplayers. We waited over two decades for the opportunity to give an ambitious developer like Night Dive Studios more than $1.03M to remake System Shock, and now I’d be surprised if we get a half-assed thank you before SHODAN returns to force our extinction.

Go ahead and enjoy this cosplay by Carolina Trifoni, for it will very likely be our last chance to feel a spark of SHODAN’s infinite glory.


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