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‘Disposition’ Literally Stalked by Darkness



In Disposition stars Sun Choke and Beyond the GatesSara Malakul Lane as a young woman struggling to get used to her meds and finds herself literally stalked by her own darkness. Visions of brutal violence might be her only escape, teases the press release. Suzie Block (Entrance) co-stars.

Directed by Eric Thirteen, a producer on Rob Zombie’s 31, “We wanted to use a handful of horror tropes to show how modern violent films can also be as subtle as the 70s psychological thriller. It’s bloody, naked, and loaded with practical effects.

Disposition is a passion project collaboration with Will Barratt (Hatchet, Digging Up the Marrow). Sheila Mia Seifi (Captain America) designed the 100% practical effects under the supervision of Rob Burman (Donnie Darko, The Thing, Terminator 2).

The film hopes to make a festival run soon.

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