Artist Christopher Shy Unveils Mind Melting New Watercolor Horror Posters - Bloody Disgusting
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Countless artists working in the horror space manage to impress us pretty often with their incredible tribute art, but there’s no artist who has been more consistently impressive to me personally than Christopher Shy, who specializes in fantasy and sci-fi artwork that is quite unlike the output of any other artist. When I say “mind melting,” I mean it.

Shy, who founded Studio Ronin in 1994, has worked for companies like Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, and Lionsgate, illustrating countless books and graphic novels, and he gained cred here in the horror community when he whipped up the concept art for Marcus Nispel’s Friday the 13th remake. In more recent years, Shy has been paying tribute to his favorite movies with incredible watercolor paintings that are trippy, visual feasts of the highest order.

We’ve covered his art a couple times, in the articles Artist’s Watercolor Horror Movie Posters Will Melt Your Mind & More Watercolor Horror Movie Posters to Melt Your Mind. This week, Shy has unveiled a handful of new pieces, putting his highly unique spin on Salem’s Lot, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Event Horizon, The Shining and “The Walking Dead.”

Be sure to click on each of the images below to increase their size and see even more up-close detail and/or purchase your favorite prints over on the Art of Ronin website.

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