Artist Reimagines 'Star Wars' Character Helmets as Hideous Monstrosities - Bloody Disgusting
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Artist Reimagines ‘Star Wars’ Character Helmets as Hideous Monstrosities



Various artists over the years have mashed together Star Wars with the horror genre, including one fan who added lightsabers into horror movies and another who turned Stormtropper masks into horror villains like Pinhead and Jason. Some of the coolest Star Wars/horror mashup came from pitting Star Wars characters up against Xenomorphs!

Along those same lines, 3D game artist Lucas Bischoff has just reimagined iconic Star Wars character helmets as monsters, turning Darth Vader, Boba Fett, a Stormtrooper and a Royal Guard into terrifying horror movie monsters. The thoroughly badass results are organic, fleshy and almost Cronenberg’ian, as masks become monster skin.

We tip our hats to Reddit for the heads up on this awesome art!


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