Different Versions of Jason Kill Each Other in Artist's Epic 'Friday the 13th' Self Destruction - Bloody Disgusting
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Different Versions of Jason Kill Each Other in Artist’s Epic ‘Friday the 13th’ Self Destruction



Whenever we dream up horror icon mashup scenarios, we always imagine one villain doing battle with another, but have you ever wondered what would happen if, say, every different incarnation of Jason Voorhees came together for an epic battle… with each other?! No? I mean, that’s fine. But one artist did. And we like the way he thinks.

Artist JJ Harrison is the man behind this Friday the 13th “Self Destructs” piece, which pits Jason up against Jason up against Jason up against… you get the idea.

Every different version of Jason from the films and even the NES game is represented in Harrison’s epic and brutal art, which is one of the coolest things you’ll see all week.

Thanks to Friday the 13th: The Franchise for the heads up on this one!

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