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“The Mother of Beauty” Confronts Death (Trailer)



We love nothing more than seeing ex-Bloody-Disgusting staffers move on to bigger and better things, which is why we’re so excited to share this trailer for “The Mother of Beauty”, penned and produced by BD family member Lonnie Nadler!

Directed by Nick Meunier (Ravage), and starring Tristan Risk (American Mary, Frankenstein Created Bikers), the beautifully shot short follows a new mother struggling to reconcile her affinity for death with the life she’s brought into the world.

In ‘The Mother of Beauty’ a single mother-to-be lives in isolation on the edge of the wilderness. She makes a living through her work with vulture culture: using the remains of dead animals to create art and memorialize the lives that once were. As she attempts to overcome the struggles of parenthood, the forces of life and death pull her in opposing directions, and she must find a way to reconcile the two before they tear her apart.

“The Mother of Beauty” was crowdfunded through Kickstarter, and was shot on-location in British Columbia, Canada in May 2016. The film was completed in February 2017 and will begin its festival run later this year.

Co-founded Bloody Disgusting in 2001. Producer on Southbound, the V/H/S trilogy, SiREN, Under the Bed, and A Horrible Way to Die. Chicago-based. Horror, pizza and basketball connoisseur. Taco Bell daily.