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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 74 – 2 For The Show / Miseryeater



Hello to all our loyal viewers,

It’s time for a little TGIFT (thank God it’s fucking Thursday).  As you know, we love to help kick off the weekend every Thursday for you blood-thirsty maniacs.   Let me take you back a little bit to when we were all little psychos in training.  What was the best part of the weekend??  That’s right, the cartoons!  This week’s episode features two animated shorts to help transform your Thursday into Saturday morning.  So go ahead and get yourself a bowl of Count Chocula and put on your Beetlejuice pajamas.  Let’s have a little fun.
First up on schedule, we have a short called 2 For The Show by director Cragun Clayburn.  In this whacked out stop-motion story, a circus clown is walking down a dark road as he encounters two passers-by.  However, they aren’t exactly who they seem to be.  In a pretty unique twist, it’s nice to see the clown be the victim for once.  This is an imaginative tale with some insane visuals.  The stop-motion is a bit choppy, but the artistry of the characters is incredible.  If you’re a fan of Tool’s music videos from the 90’s, then you’ll LOVE this.
Next up, we have Misery Eater coming from director Alicia R. Norman.  This is a weird tale and I’d be lying if I said I totally knew what was going on.  A woman calls upon some sort of ancient being to switch bodies with her friend but finds out her friend was sick and the ancient thing wants her to be miserable forever.  Maybe?  I could be wrong.  The animation is reminiscent of a glitchy 3D program.  There is a certain feeling of dread that it leaves you with at the end.  The actual ancient being is really pretty terrifying and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was designed while being on some kind of recreational drug.  It’s got my approval!
Have fun, kids! 
– Dominick DeLuca

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